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Briscola Forza Pole 4004
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These Briscola rods are rightly called Forza. These rods are very powerful, generally intended for strong fish – crucian carp, tench or small carp. And if you substitute a standard blank for a hollow one and equip it with elastic, the rod may cope with even large carps. Surely, this power is achieved with the help of a thick wall and these rods are heavier than standard ones, intended for small fish. I’ve chosen Forza for a completely different type of fishing. I use four-meter rods for bleak. Its weight is little enough with this length (125 grams) not to pay attention to it, and a relatively slow action with a combined tip enables you to quickly retrieve bleak from water.

This rod may just as well serve for roach fishing and other small fish at the very bank, especially in in children’s hands. The rod may even “forgive” you a certain beginner’s carelessness and bring you a lot of pleasant moments.

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Item Lenght, m Pcs. Rod weight, gr Test, gr Price


4 4 174 20 €53.87


5 5 291 20 €73.85

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