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Long-range capability, extremely high sensitivity, almost perfectly smooth surface, round profile, extra strong at small diameter and zero water absorb – you’d agree that’s how we characterize “ideal” braided lines.

Eighteria braided line is the most advanced in YGK-Pontoon21 program. And if you ask the question how many Features OF IDEAL BRAIDED LINE IT preserves, the answer will be simple enough. All of them! However Eighteria has one insignificant “drawback”: though it’s more resistant towards stones than standard 8-braided lines, it can’t cope with shells and with other sharp-edged underwater stuff.

How to overcome this is not a secret because YGK-Pontoon21 has another line for such conditions – Esentira

YGK WX braiding technology

Usually the threads which braided line is made from with the help of special equipment are placed at a shallow angle and they are not very tight. However, the latest braided lines, such as Eighteria, Esentira and Exteer Away Distance, have threads placed at a high angle, moreover they are braided under heavy load. Thus the line itself becomes very thick. Surely, this method needs more materials and time, as a result the line costs more than simple 4-braided ones, but its effectiveness is obvious.


  • 150 meters per spool, individual package
  • Unique surface processing for a silk smooth surface to reduce friction extremely
  • multicolored
  • 8-braid YGK WX braiding technology
  • High density braiding, extra water repellency
  • Ultra low stretch, ultra high sensitivity
  • Smooth round profile – excellent reeling and casting

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Lines. My choice

You must have paid your attention that I seldom touch upon the topic of how to choose lines? It is high time we filled that gap and systematize our experience

Pontoon21 Esentira Video

Pontoon21 Esentira - thin, strong and abrasion resistant superline borned in collaboration of two famous brand: Pontoon21 and YGK (Yoz-Ami). Video review by Anglers Zoom Fishing video Channel. English and Russian subtitles available

Item list

Item # Diam., mm Test, kg Test, Lb Color Spool size, m Price


0.6 0.128 5.4 12 multicolor 150 €55.49


0.8 0.148 7.2 16 multicolor 150 €35.70


1 0.165 9 20 multicolor 150 €35.70


1.2 0.185 12.6 28 multicolor 150 €35.70


1.5 0.205 16.2 36 multicolor 150 €34.40


2 0.235 19.8 44 multicolor 150 €34.90


2.5 0.26 22.5 50 multicolor 150 €35.70


3 0.285 24.8 55 multicolor 150 €36.70


4 0.33 27.2 60 multicolor 150 €37.29

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