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The unique approach creates “the only one”

Although some may say it has a worm pattern, its capabilities go beyond the boundaries of bait due to is simplicity. The slight pulsation the “Manic Movement” it creates is like no action seen before, mesmerizing number of species in even overfished conditions.

Manic Movement

The lure`s buoyancy, weighing, volume and body shape have been delicately adjusted. The action created by this sensitively balanced lure is a tight rolling only. There is no wobbling or sinusoidal action. The rolling action is so tight that some anglers will not even think it is moving, rest assured it leaves a vibrant wake even at the slowest of retrieval speeds.

Wake Performance

As soon as you initiate retrieve, the lure will float to the subsurface and create an exquisite wake. The tight rolling action will add a weak but unique swell in V shaped wake, appealing more efficiently to game fish.

Casting Distance

By moving the hook eye from tail section of the body, the lure was left with an aerodynamic pointed end. It has amazing castability for its size

Irregular Action

With some twitching and jerking of the rod, the lure performs an irregular action reminiscent of the baitfish on the surface. A creative angler can find myriad of use for this lures.


Bay Ruf Manic 135

  • size: 135 mm,
  • weight: 21,0 g,
  • sinking (S),
  • depth: 0,2-0,3 m


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price


ACC0022 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 ***
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-135-ACC0346


ACC0346 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-135-ACC0354


ACC0354 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-135-ACC0418


ACC0418 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-135-ACC0419


ACC0419 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-135-AHA0011


AHA0011 Sardine 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 ***
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-135-CCC0190


CCC0190 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25


CCC0281 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-135-CCC0416


CCC0416 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-135-CCC0417


CCC0417 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25


CDH0359 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25


CLB0230 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 ***
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-135-DDA0241


DDA0241 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-135-DDN0251


DDN0251 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25


GLA0231 0,2-0,3 135 S 21 €15.25

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