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A new size is ready to joint the team of the “Manic Movement”

A perfect lure to cover the “worm like baits” to those usual bait fish. Equipped with out standing casting distance and a sense of presence, a new size has joined the team.

A new size is ready to joint the team of the “Manic Movement”. The lure creates an action never seen before, inducing bites from the weary targets. The 155mm size will not only be productive for the worm like pattern, but also your usual baits like the Gar-fish and other species of sardines. With its outstanding casting distance and ability to trace specific ranges consistently, anglers will be able to reach those unfished hot spots from the surface to the bottom range.

We hope anglers around the world will be able to experience its sense of presence.


Bay Ruf Manic 155

  • size: 155 mm,
  • weight: 27,5 g,
  • sinking (S),
  • depth: 0,2-0,3 m

DUO Bay Ruf Manic 155 in action


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-155-AHA0011


AHA0011 Sardine 0,2-0,3 155 S 27.5 €15.25


AHA0220 0,2-0,3 155 S 27.5 ***


CCC0190 0,2-0,3 155 S 27.5 ***


CCC0386 0,2-0,3 155 S 27.5 ***
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-155-CDH0186


CDH0186 0,2-0,3 155 S 27.5 €15.25


CHA0134 0,2-0,3 155 S 27.5 ***
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-155-CHA0327


CHA0327 0,2-0,3 155 S 27.5 €15.25
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-155-CLB0230


CLB0230 0,2-0,3 155 S 27.5 €15.25
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-155-GPA0291


GPA0291 0,2-0,3 155 S 27.5 €15.25
Picture of DUO-BRufMan-155-GPB0054


GPB0054 0,2-0,3 155 S 27.5 €15.25

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