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With its outstanding response to rod work, anglers will be able to effortlessly perform the "rolling dog walk" which entwines the water from side to side.

"Dog Walk" action:

You will be able to easily perform the side to side "dog walking" action with its shallow cup design. Further, the water gripping rolling action that can be performed in short reeling distance will help you appeal at your pinpoint location.

Casting performance:

The more than sufficient body volume has realized great casting distance and accuracy. With the lures castability, anglers will be able to search a vast area in various field conditions irrespective of tackle or anglers casting skills.

Feather hook design:

We have tied a feather hook in combination with tinsels for the rear hook. 3 colors, yellow, brown and white are available dependent on the body color.


  • lenght: 64 mm,
  • weigth: 9,0 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 0,0-0,0 m,

DUO Realis Popper 64 in motion


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of DUO-RPP-64SW-ACC0325


ACC0325 Funky Shrimp 0,0-0,0 64 F 9 €14.60
Picture of DUO-RPP-64SW-AOA0220


AOA0220 Astro Red Head 0,0-0,0 64 F 9 €14.60
Picture of DUO-RPP-64SW-CAQ0374


CQA0374 Mullet 0,0-0,0 64 F 9 €14.60
Picture of DUO-RPP-64SW-CCC0343


CCC0343 Prawn 0,0-0,0 64 F 9 €14.60
Picture of DUO-RPP-64SW-DBA0423


CBA0423 Triple Threat 0,0-0,0 64 F 9 €14.60
Picture of DUO-RPP-64SW-DHA0183


GHA0183 Vivid Sardine RB 0,0-0,0 64 F 9 €14.60
Picture of DUO-RPP-64SW-DJA0101


GJA0101 Zebra Glow 0,0-0,0 64 F 9 €14.60
Picture of DUO-RPP-64SW-GBA0030


GBA0030 Sardine RB 0,0-0,0 64 F 9 €14.60

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