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IMA Farina Deep 85F is an average minnow with the depth of 2,2 meters, which has a reputation of a lure for pike fishing with high catching efficiency. Perch, pikeperch and asp are its frequent prey. It’s effective in fishing for salmon, trout and bulltrout in northern rivers. Originally IMA Farina Deep 85F was created for salmon species fishing in the rivers of Japan. Due to its reliable construction the lure is perfectly stable in fishing in a stream. It works both at upstream and downstream retrievals without failures. And in ditch water the stability of the lure is impeccable.

At a straight retrieval the action of the minnow has a high frequency and big amplitude. Horizontal right-left oscillation (wobbling) are combined with body rotations relative to the long axis (rolling). Depending on the speed of spooling the frequency of vibrations changes. Its action remains attractive even at a slow speed. And while retrieving the lure straightly, don’t forget about stop-and-go retrieval.

If you use jerks of different intensity, the minnow obediently reacts to all the manipulations with a spinning rod, attracting predator with its diverse action. It moves from side to side, flicking with its sides as if it were a small hutchling, continues to wobble for some time and then slowly comes to the surface. With the help of the combination of jerking and ripping you may quickly make capricious pike, pikeperch or perch bite.

Being quite light and big, Farina Deep 85F is a long-range lure which is due to the system of two tungsten ball. One of them is movable and at casting it moves towards the tail along the special tube. After landing on water and the beginning of the retrieval it quickly returns to its original place at the beginning of the tube, providing the lure with the necessary stability in a stream.

A wide set of colors enables you to adapt to different fishing conditions. There are both natural and bright colors. High-quality design and reliable inner structure help you always to be ready to face even the most serious and fidgety predator.

IMA is a company with well-deserved reputation in Japan, its country of origin. It produces lures of different types. These are lures for bass fishing, as well as fishing for sea predators and wild trout in rivers. In Europe IMA lures are popular in fishing for predators: pike, perch, pikeperch, asp, chub, small and large salmon.

The highest level of production, attention to details, durable cover and attractive colors, high-quality design and perfect flying characteristics are the main features of all these models. All the features of these genuinely Japanese lures can be found in any IMA minnows.


  • lenght: 85,0 mm,
  • weigth: 10,0 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 1,5-2,5 m

Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price


FD85F-004 1,5-2,5 85 F 10 €21.95


FD85F-007 1,5-2,5 85 F 10 €21.95


FD85F-009 1,5-2,5 85 F 10 €21.95


FD85F-011 1,5-2,5 85 F 10 €21.95


FD85F-012 1,5-2,5 85 F 10 €21.95


FD85F-013 1,5-2,5 85 F 10 €21.95


FD85F-014 1,5-2,5 85 F 10 €21.95


FD85F-015 1,5-2,5 85 F 10 €21.95


FD85F-016 1,5-2,5 85 F 10 €21.95

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