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Slimming the silhouette to prevent closeouts!

Eliminate the center of gravity of the tail, horizontal fall and rolling action!

Large trout are very cautious as they avoid potential danger and are unlikely to respond with a normal approach.

Twig 60 has a horizontal fall that naturally appeals to such a large target. Produces a true "natural" that imitates a flowing substance more naturally. It also features color variations that are not too noticeable in the water.

Ima Twig 60 features:

  • lenght: 60 mm,
  • weigth: 6,5 g,
  • sinking (S),
  • depth: 0,3-0,5 m.


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of IMA-TWIG60-TW60-001


TW60-001 0,3-0,5 60 S 6.5 €21.69
Picture of IMA-TWIG60-TW60-004


TW60-004 0,3-0,5 60 S 6.5 €21.69
Picture of IMA-TWIG60-TW60-005


TW60-005 0,3-0,5 60 S 6.5 €21.69
Picture of IMA-TWIG60-TW60-007


TW60-007 0,3-0,5 60 S 6.5 €21.69
Picture of IMA-TWIG60-TW60-010


TW60-010 0,3-0,5 60 S 6.5 €21.69
Picture of IMA-TWIG60-TW60-014


TW60-014 0,3-0,5 60 S 6.5 €21.69

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