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The BIG-M7.5 is a super–deep crank inspired by the BIG-M4.0’s unique combination of low retrieve resistance, high flash, and stable roll. After 3+ years of super-deep crank testing in the US, the emergence of the BIG-M4.0’s high potential design was a key turning point in the journey to make the super-deep concept a reality.

Built to reach 7.5m (24ft) on a normal cast, the BIG-M7.5 brings unrivaled action and exquisite detail to some of the deepest ranges in the world. However, the BIG-M7.5 isn’t simply about depth. From the first soaring, tumble-free cast to each and every catch, the BIG-M7.5 exudes the quiet confidence born of decades of Japanese cranking refinement. Featuring a triple moving-balancer system, high flat-sides and a super-low center of gravity, the BIG-M gives off the overwhelming flash and acrobatic bottom-contact action—without the unnecessary retrieve stress and fatigue of traditional super-deep cranks.

The BIG-M7.5 has achieved agile, low-stress handling that lets you retrieve all day long with minimal fatigue. Megabass’ unique hydrodynamic technology has paved the way for a painstakingly-designed deep crank that harnesses optimal water resistance to gain depth, without sacrificing the refined action that keeps deep targets coming back for more.

In the depths where bait is sparse, few bass will be able to ignore the BIG-M7.5’s realistic and aggressive presence. To reduce water flow resistance and manage retrieve fatigue, the BIG-M7.5’s body is sleeker than the BIG-M4.0. However, it retains the same high-density triple moving balancer system and slices through the wind, showing off its superb castability. This big–crank developed by Lake Biwa’s headmaster Shinji Sato, Yuki Ito, and the new generation Megabass design team is poised to make history.


BIG-M 7.5

  • lenght: 114.0 mm,
  • weigth: 56.0 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 6.0-7.5m,
  • made in Japan,
  • manufactured: Megabass

Megabass BIG-M 7.5 in motion


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-EACH


EASTERN CHART 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-GGLAGER


GG LARGEMOUTH 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-GGWLDBM


GG WILD GILL BM 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-GLXGGLL


GLX GALAXY GILL 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-GLXIGLL


GLX ITO GILL 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 ***
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-GPSKILL


GP SPAWN KILLER 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 ***
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-JUNPINK


JUKUCHO PINK 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-JUNSHD


JUKUCHO SHAD 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-KOHNAT


KOHOKU NATURAL 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-MCHKINK


M CHAMPAGNE KINKURO 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-MT


MAT TIGER 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 ***
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-PMSAYU


PM SETSUKI AYU 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-PMSTRCH


PM STRIKE CHART 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-WHBM


WAGIN HASU BM 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99
Picture of MB-BIG-7.5-WOIKW


WAGIN OIKAWA 6,0-7,5 114 F 56 €29.99

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