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Megabass Lates Feeding Woofer: description

LATES is a real stick roller bait which furiously rolls directly under water, releasing a natural impact targeting the lower range. The flickering created by the furious roll is exactly like a school of bait fishes migrating.

At situations where the water surface is disturbed by the wind, it will further release the flickering impact appealing to the targets at the lower range. It is an extreme surface minnow “floating up and capturing” the migrating monsters.

The use is simple. All you need to do is to retrieve at the speed between slow and medium speed. Furthermore “rise up & fall” created by decreasing the retrieve speed at times, and the “hovering” which keeps one certain range while rolling will trigger reaction bites.

Slow retrieve while using high gear installed reel will help make these operations with ease. Furthermore at top water games, slapping action made by twitching is effective. The instant slide action while fluttering will imitate a real panic bait.

Roller bait LATES will awaken the fish eaters aware of the upper layer. Please check out the power of this special minnow deeply pursuing the surface minnow game.

Megabass Lates Feeding Woofer: features:

  • lenght: 120 mm,
  • weigth: 17.5 g,
  • floating (F),


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of MB-LSW-DDIN


DD INDICATOR 0,2-0,3 120 F 17.5 ***
Picture of MB-LSW-DDSS


DD SILVER SHAD 0,2-0,3 120 F 17.5 €25.90
Picture of MB-LSW-FAKA


FA KAWAMUTSU 0,2-0,3 120 F 17.5 €25.90
Picture of MB-LSW-GGHRE


GG HASU RED EYE 0,2-0,3 120 F 17.5 €25.90
Picture of MB-LSW-GPAG


GP AURORA GILL 0,2-0,3 120 F 17.5 €25.90
Picture of MB-LSW-HTW


HT WAKASAGI 0,2-0,3 120 F 17.5 €25.90
Picture of MB-LSW-IKIN


ITO-KINAR 0,2-0,3 120 F 17.5 €25.90
Picture of MB-LSW-MT


MAT TIGER 0,2-0,3 120 F 17.5 €25.90
Picture of MB-LSW-TSO


PM TSUKIMI OCHI 0,2-0,3 120 F 17.5 ***
Picture of MB-LSW-WA


PM WAKA AYU 0,2-0,3 120 F 17.5 €25.90

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