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Megabass LIVE-X MODEL1 Description

he LIVE-X, one of Megabass’ original injection-molded lures of the early 90’s, is now reborn with the latest technology and supercharged performance.

It's not a shad. It's not a minnow. And of course, it's not a simple crank.

The state-of-the-art hydrodynamics with built-in LBO II(PAT.) produces ultra-fast flickering and live action from dead slow to ultra-high speed retrieves without fail. It is a bait with an overwhelmingly lifelike performance, turning neutral fish into reactive feeders when it matters most.

This is the impact of a "live bait". The aerodynamic form, which Yuki Ito derived from countless hours of aerodynamic testing, improves casting distance by more than 30% in headwinds when compared to lures of equal volume. LIVE-X has succeeded in increasing the performance of carpet bombing a wider and more diverse range than ever before.

In shallow water 2m deep or less, where conventional diving cranks have a hard time, LIVE-X is extremely dexterous, avoiding getting stuck and continuing to lure tough fish.

The ability to feed cruising fish at depths of 3.5m or more is unique to the LIVE-X, which has been further refined to outperform the original. Switch on the feeding instinct of neutral fish that have not responded even to the ONETEN jerkbait. The second phase of the LIVING LEGEND project was started to catch discerning fish that are turned off from the overly aggressive action of many conventional cranks.

This time, those of you who missed out on the explosive fishing experience with the original LIVE-X 30 years ago will experience it anew.

Discover the true meaning of "LIVE-X". The legend continues.

Megabass LIVE-X MODEL1 features:

  • Lenght: 74 mm,
  • Weight: 10.5 g,
  • Floating (F).

Megabass LIVE-X MODEL1 Video:


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-FAGW


FA GHOST WAKASAGI 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-FAKA


FA KAWAMUTSU 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-GGMK


GG MEGABASS KINKURO 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-GGP


GG PERCH 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-GGSMB


GG SMALL MOUTH BASS 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-GLXRA


GLX RAINBOW 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-GPCB


GP CHART BACK 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-MT


MAT TIGER 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-PMHO


PM HONMOROKO 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-PMWA


PM WAKA AYU 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-WAHA


WAGIN HASU 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-WAOI


WAGIN OIKAWA 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99
Picture of MB-LIVEX-M1-WASEA


WAGIN SETSUKI AYU 1,8-2,1 74 F 10.5 €24.99

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