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Megabass MarineGang Cookai 140F description.

Adding crushing flight distance to your arsenal, the latest MARINE GANG lure increases your catch rate in any saltwater area. The MARINE GANG Cookai comes equipped with the latest Linear Bearing Oscillator (LBO II). Designed so that the moving balancer axis and the rolling axis work in concert, the synchronized action delivers next-generation performance.

The MARINE GANG Cookai ventures into uncharted territory.

  • The LBO II allows for total flight control during casting. The ferocious inertial impact exhibited by the instantaneous adjustment of the shaft balancer makes headwinds an afterthought, delivering crushing long-range castability.
  • On the start of the retrieve, the shaft balancer is guided by the neodymium magnet, snapping instantaneously into the perfect action position. The relentless swim attack vastly broadens the effective trace zone, upping the chances of a bite on contact.

Plows majestically through the fiercest currents and roughest waves, never faltering.

Features MarineGang Cookai 140F:

  • lenght: 140 mm,
  • FLOATING : 25g / SINKING : 27g,
  • depth: MAX 1 m


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of MB-MG-COC140F-GGB


GG BORA 0,4-1,0 140 F 25 €24.49
Picture of MB-MG-COC140F-GGCBKII


GG CHART BACK KONOSHIRO II 0,4-1,0 140 F 25 €24.49
Picture of MB-MG-COC140F-GGI


GG IWASHI 0,4-1,0 140 F 25 €24.49
Picture of MB-MG-COC140F-MKRB


M KATAKUCHI RB 0,4-1,0 140 F 25 €24.49

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