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Megabass SHADING-X R description.

The SHADING-X R is fueled by a patented balancer system that enables dizzyingly high-pitch action and improved cast performance, elevating the finesse shad to exquisite new heights. Reengineered to perform in Japan’s toughest conditions, the SHADING-X R series is built to deliver bites when bass are keyed on precise, high-pitch action. The main spherical weight of the TRIANGLE COUNTER BALANCING SYSTEM(PAT.) operates as a traditional moving balancer, increasing cast distance on bait finesse and spinning setups alike.

The upper balancer truly comes alive when twitches cause it to shift along its lateral axis, adding unpredictable dynamism to the SHADING-X R’s action. With one fixed weight and two moving balancers, the lure’s center of gravity is dynamically triangulated in every configuration from cast to retrieve, powering the SHADING-X’s compelling performance.

The thin, tapered body generates a high-pitched vibration that practically bursts at the seams, supercharging the kind of tight action that is often required in finesse situations. Upon retrieve, the balancers roll into the forward position for an optimal head-down posture, enabling a hair-trigger responsiveness that will even bring the SHADING-X R to life with ultra-slow pulls or extra-sensitive angler input.

With a fast retrieve, the high-pitch vibration compels targets into decisive reaction bites. The engineering of the SHADING-X R series brings disparate parts together in perfect harmony, leveraging dynamic weight triangulation to deliver a new high-pitch predator for the toughest angling conditions.

Features SHADING-X R:

  • lenght: 62 mm,
  • weigth: 5.3 g,
  • Suspending(SP),
  • depth: 1.5-2.5 m


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of MB-SHADXR62-CS


CANDY SHRIMP 1,5-2,5 62 SP 5.3 €20.98
Picture of MB-SHADXR62-FAC


FA CHIAYU 1,5-2,5 62 SP 5.3 €20.98
Picture of MB-SHADXR62-FAFC


FA FIRE CRAW 1,5-2,5 62 SP 5.3 €20.98
Picture of MB-SHADXR62-FAT


FA TNG 1,5-2,5 62 SP 5.3 €20.98
Picture of MB-SHADXR62-FAW


FA WAKASAGI 1,5-2,5 62 SP 5.3 €20.98
Picture of MB-SHADXR62-GGBB


GG BABY BASS 1,5-2,5 62 SP 5.3 €20.98
Picture of MB-SHADXR62-HI


HIUO 1,5-2,5 62 SP 5.3 €20.98
Picture of MB-SHADXR62-LZW


LZ WAKASAGI 1,5-2,5 62 SP 5.3 €20.98

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