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X-NANAHAN description:

The X-NANAHAN is a fusion of the ideals of Shinji Sato, one of Japan's foremost lure anglers, and the engineering of Yuki Ito, creator of dominant jerkbaits like the VISION ONETEN. In order to pursue superior castability in a small jerkbait minnow profile, the X-NANAHAN’s body is carved from a high-volume block, which results in a visually tight silhouette with greater precision.

Air resistance has been thoroughly reduced to achieve overwhelming long-distance castability that surpasses the standard distance of 70mm-class minnows. The unique shape of the minnow, guided by the latest in hydrodynamics, provides excellent swimming response and intuitive handling.

X-NANAHAN’s subtle action and flash reproduce the minute waves and flickering appeal of baitfish in an extremely realistic manner. Further, when twitched, X-NANAHAN bursts to life with a dynamic jerking and darting action that sets it apart from the school. The X-NANAHAN is a next-generation finesse minnow that pursues the "ultimate" in responsiveness.

X-NANAHAN features:

  • lenght: 75 mm,
  • weigth: 7,0 g,
  • slow floating (SF),
  • depth: 1,2-1,8 m.



Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of MB-XNAN-FAGW


FA GHOST WAKASAGI 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49
Picture of MB-XNAN-FASH


FA SHIRAUO 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49
Picture of MB-XNAN-GGBP


GG BABY PERCH 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49
Picture of MB-XNAN-GGMK


GG MEGABASS KINKURO 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49
Picture of MB-XNAN-GLXWC


GLX WESTERN CLOWN II 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49
Picture of MB-XNAN-GPIK


GP ITO-KINARI 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49
Picture of MB-XNAN-LZSC


LZ SATOSHIN CHIAYU 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49
Picture of MB-XNAN-MT


MAT TIGER 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49
Picture of MB-XNAN-SM


SEXY MONROE 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49
Picture of MB-XNAN-WHP1


WAGIN HASU P1 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49
Picture of MB-XNAN-WIA


WAGIN ITO AYU 1,2-1,8 75 SF 7 €20.49

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