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Almost all the anglers like small poppers, especially if they are easy to manage. To tell the truth, it happens very seldom. A typical shortcoming of these lures is that you have to select the right retrieve for a long time. At the best there’re one or two of these methods. And at any other presentation the small popper still has an unstable action, which therefore won’t be attractive for predator.

While Pontoon21 designers were creating this topwater lure, their main purpose was to achieve diverse action, at the same time getting rid of the all above mentioned drawbacks. And we should note that they succeeded. Having a small size, Beat Bull united all the advantages of poppers and walkers. Yes, it is true. The features, which lures of big sizes not often have, are present in a small Beat Bull.

Barely noticeable at first sight details of design, general balance system, a tiny inner balancer, working according to the SCT-balancer principle (Step Counter Type Balancer), all this is Вeat Bull. This is a completely new light popper which has a diverse action and steadiness. By the way, it should be noted that at the straight retrieve Beat Bull is also able to work, joyfully emitting attractive waves. So now, anglers using spinning rods have the smallest popper able to realize almost all their ideas.

As always, Pontoon21 has a rich diverse color set. Naturally, we can’t but mention that Beat Bull is equipped with secure Owner treble hooks.


  • length: 55 mm,
  • weight: 4,1 g
  • surface,
  • floating (F)


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of P21-BUL-55TW-212


212 Dark Side CHB 0,0-0,0 55 F 4.1 ***
Picture of P21-BUL-55TW-417


417 CB Natural Brown 0,0-0,0 55 F 4.1 ***
Picture of P21-BUL-55TW-422


422 CB Doublet-2 0,0-0,0 55 F 4.1 ***
Picture of P21-BUL-55TW-430


430 CB Funa 0,0-0,0 55 F 4.1 ***
Picture of P21-BUL-55TW-451


451 CB Natural Yamame 0,0-0,0 55 F 4.1 ***
Picture of P21-BUL-55TW-470


470 CB Fire Tiger 0,0-0,0 55 F 4.1 ***
Picture of P21-BUL-55TW-702


702 Alumina Fresh Green SH 0,0-0,0 55 F 4.1 ***
Picture of P21-BUL-55TW-712


712 Alumina Higenaga 0,0-0,0 55 F 4.1 ***
Picture of P21-BUL-55TW-721


721 Alumina Ivory Back Silver 0,0-0,0 55 F 4.1 ***
Picture of P21-BUL-55TW-773


773 Alumina Gold Chartreuse 0,0-0,0 55 F 4.1 ***

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