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ZipBaits ZBL Shad Kaira 80SP Description:

Super responsive, versatile shad-shaped lure with minnow appears, ZBL SHAD KAIRA 80SP was born using new ideas to improve boat fishing.

The action is very similar to vibration plug (lipless crank), even though it looks like a shad-shaped lure. Kaira attracts predators with an appeal based on extremely tight rolling — especially effective at fast speed retrieve.

Equipped with newly-developed MAG-DRIVE ARROW (PAT.P) is a partial modification of the conventional MAG-DRIVE, specializing in specifications that are effective for boat game fishing.

Since it is set to be a little easier to separate MZ-19 balancer from magnet plate when casting than the existing MAG-DRIVE, the weight will move backwards easily and fly like an arrow even with light tackle.

As a result, light tackle, easy precise casting and delicate but simultaneously aggressive presentation — those key features rise one step up you boat fishing near structure. No matter in fresh or salt water!

ZipBaits ZBL Shad Kaira 80SP Features:

  • length: 82 mm,
  • wight: 11,7 g,
  • suspending (SP),
  • depth: 0,8-2,0 m


Item list

Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price
Picture of ZB-ZBL-SHKAIR-80SP-272


272 0,8-2,0 82 SP 11.7 €17.99
Picture of ZB-ZBL-SHKAIR-80SP-420


420 0,8-2,0 82 SP 11.7 €17.99
Picture of ZB-ZBL-SHKAIR-80SP-476


476 0,8-2,0 82 SP 11.7 €17.99
Picture of ZB-ZBL-SHKAIR-80SP-624


624 0,8-2,0 82 SP 11.7 €17.99
Picture of ZB-ZBL-SHKAIR-80SP-637


637 0,8-2,0 82 SP 11.7 €17.99
Picture of ZB-ZBL-SHKAIR-80SP-703


703 0,8-2,0 82 SP 11.7 €17.99
Picture of ZB-ZBL-SHKAIR-80SP-713


713 0,8-2,0 82 SP 11.7 €17.99
Picture of ZB-ZBL-SHKAIR-80SP-718


718 0,8-2,0 82 SP 11.7 €17.99
Picture of ZB-ZBL-SHKAIR-80SP-725


725 0,8-2,0 82 SP 11.7 €17.99

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