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HURL is Pontoon21 series of rods for special purposes which was designed to fish for large species (such as pike) with big lures. We usually classify such lures into jerkbaits and swimbaits. To put it bluntly, they are big lures without blades weighing more than 100 grams. Type of presentation used is constant jerking, which is usually done with great force. And that’s the main reason why special tackle is applied.

The qualities of American rods designed for the same type of fishing were taken as a basis for Hurl rods. You can come across these rods, usually called Classic Jerk, in Musky Rods series by American producers.

To enhance security and firmness, the blank is made from combination of high modulus and middle modulus/average graphite by Toray, Japanese producer. As a result, we have a light and very firm rod (even by standards of this type).

HURL technical parameters are absolutely real, that means that unlike with European models, you can cast heavy lures at full pace without risks.


Currently there are no lures for this type of fishing in Pontoon21 collection. But the fact that such jerk rods have already appeared suggests that the lures for them will appear very soon. Perhaps, by that moment HURL range of models will have been widened too.

As it is supposed to be for such rods, HURL models have a whole blank without any joints. For easier transportation there was used special Fuji (TCS-BFSD) reel seat which enables to detach the handle. In working order the blank is securely fixed on the handle with the help of graphite nut of the closed type. And it never jams or turns over during fishing.


  • Firm and secure fast blank made high modulus and mid modulus graphite by Toray, Japanese producer,
  • Fuji guide of Tangle free system (which stops the line form tangling) with SiC insets,
  • Fuji TCS-BFSD reel seat which enables to detach the handle while transporting it and then to fix it securely while fishing,
  • Spaced handle (to control the lure), made of high quality cork.

Item list

Item Action Length, ft/m Lure WT., g. Pcs. Technique Test, lb Price


ExFast 6'/1,82 50-160 1 Jerkbait 30-65 €99.00


ExFast 6'/1,82 20-80 1 Jerkbait 20-50 €99.00


ExFast 6'6"/1,98 50-160 1 Jerkbait 30-65 €99.00

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