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Pontoon21 Fluorocarbon Marxman GFC

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From €7.82 to €13.00

While setting different fishing rigs anglers more often start using fluorocarbon lines, made from FC fiber. They differ from nylon lines in a number of features:

  • unit weight of FC lines is much bigger, that’s why they really sink in water;
  • unlike nylon, FC has the same refraction index as water, that’s why it’s less noticeable;
  • FC lines don’t absorb water they preserve their working features for a long period of time;
  • FC lines are highly resistant to abrasion (their resistance is much higher as compared with other line), that’s why it would be reasonable to use them in addition to your main line as protection leaders, especially in hard places which abound in different rig obstacles.

We used the best FC material existing today to produce Marxman Grand Fluorocarbon (GFC) lines. It has maximum rigidity, maximum strength, maximum smoothness and resistance to abrasion. Undoubtedly, these qualities are very useful, but, in their turn, they require that the angler have good skills in making knots out of FC materials. To put in another way, GFC line is ready to do its best, but it requires quality tackle knots.

First of all, we recommend it to be used by anglers who have enough experience in applying suchlike materials.

The diameter of GFC ranges from 0,148 to 0,405 mm, 30 meters on each spool, joined continuously.


  • high quality,
  • maximum tensile strength,
  • superior abrasion resistance,
  • supreme sensitivity

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Item list

Item # Diam., mm Test, kg Test, Lb Color Spool size, m Price


0.8 0.148 1.148 4.5 clear 30 €7.82


1 0.165 2.5 5.5 clear 30 €7.82


1.2 0.185 3.15 7 clear 30 €7.82


1.5 0.205 3.6 8 clear 30 €7.82


1.75 0.215 4.05 9 clear 30 €8.46


2 0.235 4.5 10 clear 30 €8.46


2.5 0.265 5.65 12.5 clear 30 €8.46


3 0.285 7 15.5 clear 30 €8.95


3.5 0.31 7.65 17 clear 30 €9.99


4 0.33 8.55 19 clear 30 €10.98


5 0.37 10.8 24 clear 30 €11.99


6 0.405 12.15 27 clear 30 €13.00

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