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PALMS Alex Spare hook description:

This is a single hook that is factory-installed on the Alexandra and Beatrice lures.

After catching or hooking many fish, the hook point will naturally become lax. Contact with stones on the river bottom, as well as trees, branches, and even leaves growing along the riverbank when casting, are major factors that can dull the hook point. The slightest opening of the gape can lead to a weak hooking.

Hooks must be checked and changed many times during the day, and the frequency of these checks will determine the success of your fishing.

PALMS Alex Spare hook features:

  • Sizes: #10 and #8
  • Suitable for wobblers
  • 20 pcs per pack
  • Round bend, curved point

Item list

Item Color Size Price


10 €4.89


8 €4.89

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