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PALMS Lake Shore Assist hook description:

The genuine assist hook equipped on the Slow Blatt series lures. We have created an assist hook that can respond to a variety of situations, from the delicate bite of a small trout in a lake to the dynamic fight of a big trout.

The black color of the hook softens the alertness of the angler to the spooky fish.

The flexible braid line makes for a smooth and sure hooking experience, and the S size is compatible with the SlowBlatt Cast lures series at 10g and 15g. The M size is perfect for 15g and 20g.

PALMS Lake Shore Assist hook features:

  • Sizes: M and S
  • Suitable for metal lures
  • 2 pcs per pack
  • Round bend, curved point

Item list

Item Color Size Price


Black M €4.40


black S €4.40

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