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«Mend your sails while the weather is fine». Pontoon21 spinners

Thursday, April 27, 2017 2:34 AM
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On the threshold of the forthcoming open water season I’d like to return to the topic of hard baits, namely spinners, which gain popularity. Very often they help anglers when fish ignore or hardly react to other types of lures

Synchrony, Ball Concept, TB Synchrony

Synchrony is a spinner with a rounded blade. This type blade of emits the strongest vibrations in water in comparison with narrow blade and as a result they are noisier thus attracting fish from afar. This type of spinner is most appropriate for ponds without streams or moderate streams, because high front resistance enables you to retrieve the lure upstream just at the very surface (the pulling force makes it go upwards), which isn’t very good for us.

Synchrony is a spinner of a classical arrangement with the blade rotation angle of almost 60 degrees. The body of the lure is cone-shaped with small cross cuts. A wide range of products includes 8 dimension-types (from #1 to #5). Besides the rounded blades, the series has some interim sizes #1,5, #2,5, #3,5. The blade has a different prolonged shape, which thus leads to the reduction of the blade rotation angle, which is approximately 45 degrees. This spinner perfectly works both in a stream and in ditch water. It should be referred to a universal type.

TB Synchrony (Tungsten Body), Synchrony modification with a heavy tungsten core, might help you if you fish in deep places or in a stream. Its weight is half as much as its variant with a simple core, on the average. TB Synchrony comes in 5 sizes: #0, #1, #1,5, #2 и #3. Talking about this modification, we can’t but mention its wonderful flying characteristics. This enables you to cast to the cautious fish or quickly handle rather extensive territories

Ball Concept spinners differ from Synchrony spinner with its construction. Ball Concept consists of several brass balls. Due to such a core, its gravity center is situated in the rear part. It has a positive effect on the range of the cast, and at retrieving it causes the deviation of the lure from the horizontal line. As a result the lure rattles and vibrates in a different manner, becoming one of the most important modifications of the basic version of Synchrony. The set of sizes is a bit wider – it has #0 size.

Trait, TB Trait

Trait is a spinner with a narrow prolonged blade. It was designed for stream fishing. This blade is less noisy, but has a high frequency of rotations. The angle of blade deviation is 30 degrees. The spinner has a high front resistance, which enables you to work effectively in small streams and rivers, retrieving the lure downstream at different angles. The spinner works steadily. The anglers who love trout fishing tried it long time ago and has already added it to their armory.

In spite of its stream specialization, it works perfectly both in a stream and in ditch water. Sometimes it happens that the pike reacts to a speedy action of Trait blade, not to the slow action of the Synchrony or Ball Concept rounded blade. On the whole, you always need to experiment, axioms may always let you down in fishing.

Trait has 7 dimension-types – from #00 to #5, covering all the demands in different weight categories. The body of the lure consists of many small balls. For strong streams, where it’s difficult to let even Trait go deep, there’re models with heavy cores – TB Trait.

TB Trait is a modification with a tungsten weight. It enables you to get to the predator in pits and deep places with strong streams. It comes in three sizes #00, #0 and #1. Besides its ability to work in the lower water levels, its peculiarity is to perform long-range casts. You can use it in wide reaches of rivers and sand spits, i.e. where the weight of the Trait is not enough. If the place is not very deep, you should carry out the retrieve holding the tip as high as possible and winding the reel very quickly.

Indi-Rah, BC Indi-Rah

Indi-Rah is a spinner with a heavy core and combined blade. The blade has a forepart, similar to Trait, and thus it possesses a high front resistance. It works both in ditch water and in a stream.

Indi-Rah is a universal spinner for prize fishing. It comes in three sizes - #2, #3 and #4. Due to the secure balance system and weight it flies well. It enables to work in deep places with moderate streams.

BC Indi-Rah has a composite weight made of metal balls. Due to that its center of gravity is situated in another place, thus emitting the vibrations of different frequency, and it changes its position during the retrieve. At the same time it still appeals to predator. It has the same set of sizes: #2, #3 and #4

2016 novelty, Alexey Vjunov’s original spinners: AV Type A, AV Type B

Set of professional spinners from the master. To begin with, let’s talk about the general features of lures of two types. A spindle-shaped sinker enables to enhance the range of the cast. The small cross cuts provide the spinner with its own “melody”. The axis of the spinner doesn’t vibrate, which is typical for original lures. They managed to achieve this quality in these models, produced by the factory. Each variant comes in four sizes #1, #2, #3 and #4. AV Type colors became even brighter and more interesting in comparison with the previous Pontoon21 spinners.

AV Type A is a spinner with a rounded blade of the original form. The blade rotation angle is close 60 degrees. It enables to retrieve the lure very slowly, leaving it the attack area of the predator for a longer period of time. The lure is very enticing and fish can’t but react to the powerful vibrations of the blade.

It works perfectly in ditch water ponds and places with average streams. The wide angle of opening has a positive effect on its passability through the grass. But it doesn’t mean that in very grassy places it would be very easy to retrieve. But in sparse underwater grass the blade will be fighting off stems, protecting the treble hook.

AV Type B has a narrow prolonged blade. Its rotation angle is close 45 degrees. So we may call this spinner universal. You can use it in streams as well as in ditch water. Predator perfectly react to the blade rotation and water vibrations attacking the lure.

All the above-mentioned series of Pontoon21 spinners are united by the variety of colors. Each element of these spinners be it the core, blade or the treble forms the whole visual composition of the spinners moving in water. The colors selected for that purpose cause the situation when the spinners is perceived by fish as a whole unit, thus fish will undoubtedly attack it.

The blade has a reverse coloration which creates the original effect of rotation, similar to a 3D image. The axis core has the main colors of the lure. In terms of tungsten cores they have the form and color imitating larvae living in water, thus making the lure even more realistic. The color design finishes with a high-quality fly on the treble. It is very durable and cope with dozens of perch bites. Besides the fact that it becomes more attractive, the fly performs a purely utilitarian function – it stabilizes the lure according to its horizontal position.

According to their colors the lures could be classified into three main groups: hutchling imitation, water insects imitation and irritants. The hutchling imitations are bright silver and golden spinners. The insects imitations are of dark colors and their variations. The irritants are of provocative colors, they have bright insets of fluorescent colors (red, orange, lemon), Fire Tiger coloration (the combination of bright colors).

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