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Mirko Hanzekovic – an angler and a photographer

Saturday, April 7, 2018 2:38 AM
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Mirko Hanzekovic

Mirko Hanzekovic

Famous Croatian bass fisherman. started with bass fishing around 15 years ago. Many times wins the different bass tournaments. Systematically takes parts in different predator fishing tournaments, including World Fishing Cups and Trout Union Cups.

Well-known photographer

Mirko Hanzekovic, a croatian angler, is widely known to many fans of fishing by his informative publications on our website, while anglers also know him as a worthy adversary at fishing tournaments. It should be noted that Mirko is one of those people who somehow manage to combine their hobby with their career.

Being a famous master of photography, Mirko takes a lot of pictures connected with fishing – competitions, happy anglers with their trophies, lures and different ways to apply them. Thanks to these photos, thousands of fans of fishing get an opportunity to look at their hobby from a completely different perspective.

Pike fishing with walkers and shallow-running minnows

Mirko Hanzekovic, an angler and a photographer, with a pike that he caught with Pontoon21 Loco Perro 80DW

Pontoon21 Loco Perro 80DW is a perfect lure for pike fishing in shallow ponds with thick near-bottom grass

The rod Gad Gancho 7-25 (GAN662MF) and the walker Loco Perro 80DW are a perfectly balanced pair for fishing in shallow waters full of grass

Reliable Owner treble hooks enable to pull out any fish even if the hooking wasn’t very successful

High-quality Owner treble hooks that Pontoon 21 Loco Perro is equipped with will hold a trophy of any size

The reserve power of Gad Gancho 7-25 (GAN662MF) is more than enough for catching large species

The fact that the rear treble hook of Loco Perro is equipped with a shad often makes even passive predator bite

Powerful Gad Harrier  enhances the chances of any angler to win at limited water areas providing the retrieve of big species is aggressive

Pontoon 21 Agarron 95SF-SR, shallow-running minnow, is one of the best twitching lures for fishing in shallow ponds with ditch water

Even pickerels swallow Pontoon 21 Loco Perro even the biting is good

To be continued...

English En Русский Ru

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