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Pontoon21 Snaps. When and which one to choose?

Thursday, May 4, 2017 1:56 AM
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Mario Matijašić

Mario Matijašić

2009 bronze, 2011 silver, 2014 bronze medal at World Championship CARNIVOROUS ARTIFICIAL BAIT SHORE ANGLING (i.e. "Spinning for Trout from Shore")

From 2013 - Chief of Commetee, main organisator of Trout Union Cup - International project of making sport spinning fishing tournaments, based at international rules, where only trouts are objects of fishing.
Since very young age, even before school, love in nature, rivers and fish were born. Taking rod in hand a way of life was chosen.

Being extremely needed and indispensable in spin fishing, the main purpose of snaps is connection between line and lure, but they have more effects and tasks which many fisherman’s are not aware of. So in this article we will try to explain why snaps are so important and which snap we should use in this or that situation.

Pontoon21 is a manufacturer which puts on the market wide range of snaps and covers the demand of every fisherman. They were developed for all kind of situations and styles of fishing. Quality is not questionable. All snaps are made of high-quality materials and components, and thus, they fully justify their label Made in Japan. The wire used is pretty thin, it is strong, has excellent memory and provides secure fishing.

Spiral and ET snaps

These two models are considered to be the best choice in trout and (ultra) light fishing. ET snaps then we should use in situations where small lures are used and where we need quick lure changes, as trout fishing, various competitions, etc. Construction wire is extra thin and keeps memory, so snap even after long time usage keeps original form. Besides that, thin wire allows us to use equally thin lines where knots are not weakened. Same characteristics, but with different construction, we can find if we try Spiral snaps. Wide construction with very secure way of buckling, is better to be used in fishing with jig heads and hard baits. Lure changes quickly and wide constructions allow enough space for lure activities, without limiting lure possibilities. Also, if we have caught a bigger fish than we’ve expected, snap construction will not break, wire will tighten and fish will be retrieved successfully.

Snaps with wide applications – Nice and TN snaps

Often we go fishing to rivers or lakes where we can find and catch different fish species. In that situations we use different lure types and we don’t want to be ‘’limited’’ by snap possibilities. In that case, where also, quick adaptation is necessary, we will use snaps with wide applications. Snaps for those kind of situations are Nice and TN snaps. In rule, these two models are constructively very similar. Easy and secure lure buckling, wide range of offered sizes and excellent weight test results are only some of its advantages. Also, these snaps can be assembled with all kinds of leaders and if necessary, can be disassembled on both sides.

Lock and CN snaps

Many times in fishing we use different types of leader materials. Was that wire leaders for pike and catfish fishing or various fluorocarbon’s for zander, bass or perch fishing, for example. Using wrong snaps can end badly and we can lose our prey. Pontoon 21 develops Lock and CN snaps just for that matter. These two snap models have isolated loops thus preventing leader overlap. Overlaps are often, especially in active retrieving so these snaps are great solution. CN snap have wide lure range buckling system while Lock snap is developed for quick lure change with even more secure buckling system. Both models are available in more sizes and their weight tests are impressing.

Eight lock snap

As well, Eight lock snaps have a very big sphere application. As far as their name is concerned, these snaps have a unique form which make them look like number eight. They have the same from on both sides and enable us to have them easily mounted or removed, from wire leaders, for example. They are available in three sizes with also, impressing weight test.


In addition to all snaps, some lures, as spinners require mounted swivel to prevent twisting of our braid or line. In regard to snap models like Nice and TN or Eight lock too, Pontoon 21 develop Power Swivel series of swivels which are available in eight sizes and which can be easily connected with snaps. Weight test of swivels is incredible and it ranges from 21 kg to 133kg. Swivels are very strong and we can use smaller ones to make our leaders more inconspicuous, without being afraid of breaking them.

Mario Matiashich, Croatia

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Picture of PA-77722 ET Snap
  • Recommended retail price €2.75
  • Number of models 2
Picture of PA-77723 Spiral Snap
  • Recommended retail price €3.11
  • Number of models 2
Picture of PA-77724 TN Snap
  • Recommended retail price €1.99
  • Number of models 5
Picture of PA-77715 Lock Snap
  • Recommended retail price From €4.03 to €5.76
  • Number of models 3
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  • Recommended retail price €2.87
  • Number of models 2
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  • Recommended retail price From €2.31 to €2.46
  • Number of models 8