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Pontoon21 2019 Psychogun: Cheat note

Thursday, February 20, 2020 4:33 AM

New Pontoon21 Spinning rods 2019

It happened so, that in the last ten years I saw a lot of types of fishing gear for various purposes, to put in another way, rods and reels, lines and braided lines, fishing tools and lures, accessories and clothes. Not only did I follow the scheme “bought and caught”, but also tested the samples, preproduction variants, in details studied the novelties without going to the pond. Moreover, at work I often have to talk with engineers, on the one hand, and, on the other – with those people who use gear as intended, e.g. fishing in everyday life or at the competitions.

Information in the Internet - more questions than answers

I was always quite cautious towards reviews on spinning rods in the Internet. And there’re a lot of reasons for that.

On the one hand, any user trying to find the necessary information in the Net is bombarded with loads of information. On the other hand, as it always happens, it’s very difficult to find anything necessary. In other, TLDR. The situation becomes even worse, because often this information is taken from different sources or reflects only subjective opinion. It’s enough to mention such phrases as “Orbit 110 doesn’t catch pike” or “StCroix Avid doesn’t cast lures”, which is, in fact, nonsense. It happens so because the person using the gear has different hands and anybody has their own mind, as well as, a different approach to fishing. Thus we have one’s own perception, view and mark.

The things are the same with reviews on rods, the majority of which are absolutely subjective. As a result, we have the opposite opinions. Something that is regarded as negative by one angler, will be thought as an advantage of this model before others. And there’re a lot of other absolutely subjective parameters such as comfortable handle, correct length, necessary action, lure presentation and, of course, the proverbial bite feeling and great sensitivity.

New Pontoon21 rod blanks

That’s why for some time now I have trusted only such a parameter as rod breakdown statistics – by a long stretch of imagination. Only few of those who broke the rod are ready to accept their fault. Or, ready to recollect that they tapped it on the stone, or squeezed while transporting. More than that real statistics are available only to the producer, so in the net you’ll be able to find only a small portion of the real sate of things.

The result is as follows - you need to look for the truth in reliable sources.

As far as my job is concerned, I have a privileged position. There’re two main privileges: I can talk to those who designs the gear and then sell it and, also, to those who actively use it. Moreover, I often see a lot of novelties and can try them when the opportunity occurs. And it these two sources – designers and colleagues that are the most reliable. Then, I follow my own feelings.

Pontoon21 2019 Psychogun Fuji Guides

What do designers tell us?

“If you don’t understand or don’t know something, - ask those who do”. This is a surefire way to learn more in a short period of time. That’s why as far as cheat notes are concerned, I suggest listening to the opinion of those who were designing Psychogun series.

Making use of my privileged position, I asked a question about the purpose of Psychogun Psychogun rods which was meant for every model. And the question was referred to one of the masterminds of the whole series – Andrey Sinev (Moscanella). As a result, we’ve got an interesting insider cheat note, concerning the purpose of different Psychogun Psychogun models.

Pontoon21 2019 Psychogun EVA Handle

All the Psychogun rods, starting from the first series which appeared about 10 years ago, and finishing with a modern one which underwent radical restyiling) have the same Sensitive Fast Action. In dynamics, i.e. in casting and presentation, all the rods have a typical Fast action. As a rule, all the blank is involved in action. At the same time the rods are highly sensitive, which is usually typical for Extra Fast rods. Such a consistent approach enabled to create a most natural series, where the main idea and common features are reflected in every model.

Let’s look at them in details.

Pontoon21 2019 Psychogun blank



Active work with lures of different types in Ultralight. Such hard lures as spinners, spoons and small pilkers, soft lures. By “active work” I mean all the modern methods of presentation available: from delicate retrieve of the soft plastic or straight retrieve of spinners and spoons up to agrressive minnow twitching or fishing with poppers. Definitely, it is one of the most successful ultralight models in Pontoon21 line for trout fishing in the stream.

Length – 6’8’’ feet/ 2,03 m, lure test – 1,7-7 g, line test – 3-6 Lbs.



The model is slightly more powerful and slightly longer than the previous one. A universal fishing rod for catching all types of lures that fall into the “Light” class by parameters - from soft plastic small jig to topwater plug. Equally well suited for coastal and boat fishing.

Length – 7'3" feet/ 2,20 m, lure test – 2.5-12 g, line test – 4-10 pounds.



Medium Light rods are the very spinning rods up to half an ounce, or 14 grams. Our anglers often call it “small light”. “Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds” – you can catch anything using them in various conditions. And you shouldn’t worry a lot about the gear if you accidentally run into trophy. PGCS712MLSF was originally designed as a specialized rod for twitching. Its main purpose (but not the only one) is jerking with minnows and other lures. And you shouldn’t miss the chance to use spinners, spoons or pelagic jig baits in the conditions typical for jerking, if you have this chance. 712 perfectly works with these types of lures.

Length – 7'1" feet/ 2,16 m, lure test – 3-14 g, line test – 5-12 pounds.



In spite of abundance of specialized rods, in modern fishing it’s often necessary to take two, or sometimes just one rod. And naturally, it should be able to show the main techniques for at least "good+". It is particularly relevant for competitions when the conditions are limited: it’s impossible to carry a lot of rods along the bank, and in the boat we often don’t have enough space.

PGSS752MMSF (and its casting version - PGCS752MMSF) TOURNAMENT PERFORMER Medium-Medium - is a good answer for the situation when you need one rod for all the cases, naturally, within the test.

Length – 7’5’’ feet/ 2,26 m, lure test – 5-18 g, line test – 5-14 pounds.



One more absolutely universal lure. This time it’s a medium rod with its priority on jigging+twitching, which allots them with perfect manageability. Lure test from 7 to 24 grams enables to cover all the standard situations such as fishing for perch with terminal rig, fishing for pike with twitching, jigging and spoons, fishing for zander with jig baits and lures, and everything will be good for asp.

Length – 8’3” feet/ 2,52 m, lure test – 7-24 g, line test – 8-17 pounds.



If someone finds the previous model uncomfortable for performing delicate jerking of minnows, I can recommend you to pay your attention to this universal rod with priority on using lures and minnows, animated by different variants of jerking. By the way, high sensitivity enables to combine PGSS732MSF/ PGCS732MSF unweighted soft plastic baits, light jig baits for pike and different variants of swimbaits form soft plastic.

Length – 7’3’’ feet/ 2,20 m, lure test – 7-24 g, line test – 8-18 pounds.


Pontoon21 Psychogun PGSS912MMHSF DEEP REACTION

This model is a classical long-range off-shore and on-shore universal rod with high sensitivity, its priority is jigging. However, it’s quite typical for the whole Psychogun series, so it is more than just jigging: fishing for asp within the test and with maximum range, fishing for salmon in wide rivers, night fishing for zander. So as you can see, it’s field of application is very wide. According to its long range casting ability and sensitivity it will give a head start to EGI and SQUID spinning rods. Our anglers are trying to adapt them for our conditions and jigging. It happens mainly because DEEP REACTION was ORIGINALLY designed for these conditions…

Length – 9’1’’ feet/ 2,77 m, lure test – 10,5-32 g, line test – 10-20 pounds.

Alexey Soglaev

Master of Sport of Republic of Belarus

All models of New 2019 Psychogun are available for order to registered wholesale buyers directly on our website through the wholesale online fishing goods store at On-line Pontoon21 Web-catalog

Original article published at Web-site Moscanella-BB

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