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Pontoon21 Detonada 702MLXF – «Philosophy of Finesse»

Thursday, March 30, 2017 1:10 AM
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The spinning rod we are going to talk about today I used for the whole winter. And I wanted to hold it in my hands for ever. Every time I went to the non-freezing ponds of Moscow region I couldn’t resist the temptation to take Dеtonada on me.

Before that I tried to go pike fishing with something stronger: a more powerful spinning rod, a thicker line, a bigger lure. What if I should catch a “bonus”? But somehow they ignored me at my favorite places. In the course of time I made a conclusion that the power of tackle and the size of pike hardly depend on each other in the condition of Moscow region (NB). To use a big lure is a way to catch a pike at a distant point, this is also one of the ways to catch out the whole pond or sector, but you can’t catch a large fish using this method.

But today I have to conclude that the author turned out to be using only light tackle.

Keeping this fact in mind, in autumn having taken 0,5 ounce Detonada, I had a clear image in my mind: the light rod with a powerful butt, slow middle part and active tip which should present small lures, at the same time it is perfect at aggressive retrieval, if conditions require this.

A second thing I’d like to tell you about is that having used a wide variety of spinning rods I made a conclusion that extra fast rods are all right for twitching, and it’s just perfect for some lures.

Here it is, Pontoon21 Detonada DTS702MLXF

General features

  • Weight – 106 g;
  • Length of the handle without a reel – 35,5 cm;
  • Length of the handle with Daiwa reel 2500 – 36,2 cm;
  • Fuji SiC KR guides – well-done!



It has a powerful butt end, slow middle part, gradually converting into the tip of average stiffness. The spinning rod has an extra fast tip, but you can’t call it too fast. And this is just the right context where you can use the expression “in harmony”.


I can’t include this spinning rod into A-list judging by its ability to cast. It casts just well, especially the lower part of the test. This spinning rod is intended for small ponds.


Light twitching is the main purpose of this rod.

I check the lower test of the rod through the work of the tip. For instance, the producer made the lower test 5 grams. While fishing I use jig bait, equipped with a special sinker of 5-6 grams and use classical twitching retrieval. If you can tell when the rig reaches the bottom by the tip of the rod, it means that the test is true. Personally for me it’s more difficult to determine the real upper test, that’s why I try not to overload the spinning rod, and even if I do, I cast it less aggressively.

The test declared by the producer is almost true to life. During my fishing at Shodnia with the head of 4 grams, equipped with a small shad and Pontoon21 Esentira 0.8, I perfectly felt the tip of the rod.

As far as upper test is concerned, everything is all right: 12-14 g plus Pontoon21 Awaruna 2" or 3" can be retrieved with classical twitching as well as with various spinning presentations. You start feeling it with your hand from 6 grams, but here I’d like to tell you about one more thing.

As my experience proves, every angler understands by sensitivity something different. For some anglers it is defined as such if you feel how the sinker reaches the bottom; for other it is to feel how the sinker or the line touches something at the bottom or in the water column, for someone else it is determined by the gradation of the hardness of the bottom.

And these are all different types of sensitivity. In my practice I came across spinning rods which were very sensitive while I retrieved jig baits through snags at the other bank, but absolutely useless when I changed for classical twitching (two winds - pause) during the rest of the retrieval. Judging by the tip, you can say when the jig bait fell on the bottom, but you didn’t feel it with your hand.

Well, if while fishing with Detonada, with the rig up to 6 g, you can feel with your hand how the sinker fell on the bottom. And it reacts to different kinds of obstacles even lower. You may consider this information made-up, but I quite easily retrieved 3-4 grams rigs through the bottom and different obstacles.

And the sensitivity of Texas retrieval with the sinker of 6-8 grams is an unimaginable satisfaction with Detonada!!! Euphoria!

In general: this spinning rod has a great advantage which is a perfect combination of different types of tactile and visual sensitivity. It is comfortable to use twitching in most different conditions, including weather ones.


The action is not ideal for this type of lures, but from the point of view of control, there are no problems with small lures such as Pontoon21 Trait №1 or Ball Concept №1/№1,5. As far as the upper test is concerned, you can easily retrieve all the lures up to Ball Concept #3, in ditch water – up to Ball Concept №3,5.

Minnows, shads and other lures

If we consider the sensitivity at the retrieval, such minnows as ZipBaits Rigge 56 MD is distinctly perceived at a straight retrieval. And you don’t even need to mention the sensitivity of such cranks as ZipBaits Rigge Flat 45S, Ima Sukari 50S and Ima Issen 45S. Detonada perfectly works with minnows and shads of 50-70 mm. Such lures as Pontoon21 Gagagoon 55 SR/MR, 60 SR/MR, ZipBaits Rigge Flat 50S, Ima Sukari 50 Deep, Pontoon21 Dexter Minnow 71 SP/S, Pontoon21 Bet-A-Shad 63 SP/F, Pontoon21 Bet-A-Shiner 68 SP/F, Pontoon21 Pacer 75 SR, Pontoon21 Bully Boo 60F SR, ZipBaits Orbit 65 SR, ZipBaits Rigge 70 F/SP/S and other models of the same type and size can be perfectly presented as well.

Everything is quite clear with lures up to 70 mm, so I’d like to tell you about lures of 70-80 in detail. There’re jig baits which act better and can be easily presented, they also bring bigger hauls at unaggressive retrievals. Aggression spoils the trajectory of the action of such shads as Pontoon21 Bet-A-Shiner 82 SR, DUO Realis Shad 62DR and many others. Spinning rods with extra fast tips soften the influence of jerks on the lure, due to that it changes its action for less attractive one for fish. This is a substitute of mono- and fluorocarbon. Very often, you can’t achieve the necessary presentation only with movements of your hands.

Last winter I happened to turn out in a very difficult situation when pike reacted only to a very slow, careful, masterly and finesse retrieval of a small lure with pauses and wobbling at one place. After fish bit, which you should feel, you’d better apply a lot of efforts to pull out the pike out of water. If Detonada spinning rods were given names, I would call Detonada DTS702MLXF Philosophy of Finesse.

If you are looking for a rod for fishing in small ponds when you mainly rely on jig baits and such deep divers as cranks, Detonada DTS702MLXF is a perfect choice.

And for me it also became a highly specialized instrument for pike fishing with small shads and minnows. But I have to say that some of my colleagues would not like twitching, because delusion about “stakes” that are necessary for twitching is still alive.

After having read my articles, many readers might ask a reasonable question: “Was there anything that you didn’t like about Detonada?” My answer: “This spinning rod doesn’t have any drawbacks! It is perfect for small ponds! It is one of the most fantastic spinning rods!”

Alexander Ryzhov “Sanek”

Moscanella Web-site

English En Русский Ru

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