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Trout Union Cup 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016 4:37 AM
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The most representative international tournament of stream trout style, opens today, May 6, 2016 in Romania. Regular competition of the Trout Union - Trout Union Cup 2016 - held on the Tarnava Mare river in the city of Odorheiu Secuiesc, County Hargita. The famous city, having a long history is located without a doubt in the world known historical and cultural region of Romania - Transylvania.

This time teams from 13 countries have registered for the Trout Union Cup:

  • • Belarus
  • • Bulgaria
  • •Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • •Hungary
  • • Latvia
  • • Moldova
  • •Russia
  • • Romania
  • • Serbia
  • • Slovakia
  • •Ukraine
  • • Croatia
  • •Czech Republic

Organizers are happy that the Serbian delegation, last tournament debutants, this time is represented in the individual and team standings. Newcomers are always welcome and members of the Trout Union appreciated Hungarian delegation participating for the first time in the Cup. It is worth wishing all newcomers a good performance, and welcome to the circle of friends - participants of the Trout Union Cup!

The organizers proudly point out that the Trout Union Cup is the first in some aspects. The first great international competition in the shore artificial bait fishing discipline held in Romania. By the way, the Romanian colleagues and personally the captain of the national team - Lucian Constantin – put a lot of efforts with great responsibility and care to the preparation of the tournament, literally lived for almost two weeks on the river bank. In Romania, artificial bait competitions are held for a long time. Local and "regional" tournaments and gatherings, involving fishermen from Romania, Ukraine and Moldova have allowed the Romanian colleagues good "run" scheme of the competition. But for the Trout Union Cup were declared 92 participants from 13 countries, so requirements to the venue and the organization are too high.

Trout Union Cup 2016 Romania became the first tournament, when the organizers have decided the full water level of regulation and, paradoxically sounds, the water quality in the river! Local authorities and personally the mayor were so interested in the tournament and offered their help, even in such a delicate issue for sportsmen. After all, the water level as well as its quality, along with the size and "condition" of restocking fish - are essential components in the sport of shore fishing.

The situation is complicated by the fact that for several weeks prior to the competition, Romania has been constantly on the border of the "orange threat level." Powerful Storms and torrential rains stained the river in the color of "saturated coffee with milk." But there was virtually no rain in the area of competition! And the reservoir located above the town, reliably protects the river from unforeseen and unpleasant consequences of extreme weather events. As for relatively low transparency, unusual for many water – this is the feature of the local river.

A meeting of captains and the official opening of the tournament will be in the evening. Then a complete list of teams and participants, as well as a photo report will be presented.

And yet - the weather is the most that neither for trout. Forecasters promise such weather during all the days of the competition. Now it’s occasionally overcast with clouds. Occasionally spitting light rain. And the fish actively feed and react to proposed baits - as the sportsmen said about the results of official training that took place today.

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