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Trout Union Cup. On the first day. Official training and opening

Saturday, May 7, 2016 11:05 AM
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Official Training took place on Friday, May 6, from 9.00 to 12.00. And it is a rare exception, that trout was very active during exercise. Probably, all the athletes were able to catch some frisky good fighting rainbows or local brooks. It is not a usual occurrence at the competitions.

In the river active fish varied: for example, Alexander Vorobyov caught with a variety of baits chub, trout, nase, perch. Alexander, who has a reputation of a soft bait specialist among sportsmen caught no trout with his favorites during the training.

Athletes also shared one important observation: trout react to all the bait. That is, there was no obvious advantage for any type of baits either in model or color. The fish was active, in spite of murky, according to many, the water.

Before training the organizers released into the river about 6 trout per sector. For one hand it is enough to have takes, and on the other such an amount won’t oppress domestic inhabitants.. So, obviously, because of that today’s catches were rich with fish not counted on the Trout Union Cup, but bringing points for the World Championship species, such as perch and chub.

But during the opening ceremony the organizers conducted stocking fish before the competition. But for the contest sectors were issued with 20 trout! Number is impressive, so fishing is going to be very hazardous. Especially as the river itself at the venue of the competition, at least in the top three areas of fishing, it is very athletic by the standards of the sport of trout.

First, the Tarnava bed is straightened and there are not sharp turns which fish usually keep. Second from the first glance, there are not obvious “best” spots where a sportsman could get an advantageous fishing. Third Tarnava got enough good fishing places which are discovered only by skilled pros… It’s clear that many experts are cunning, saying that "the system has not been found, takes are everywhere and trout preferences are not pointed out."

But the zone D, as it often happens, is quite different from the others. Here the river has more natural appearance, with bushes, shrubs and trees along the banks. And they are often hanging much over the water, creating additional obstacles for casting.

By the way, some intrigue was added by Alexei Shanin. Last year, Alex was the second coach and helped his teammates. At this time, probably, all the teams were interested, whether Alexey would participate in the competition. And his decision to compete was gladly welcomed with the Trout Union Cup community.

The mood of sportsmen is the most that neither for the battle! And what else can be: a number of worthy contenders, fish is active, fishing conditions are interesting, there is intrigue, the prizes stimulate to the fight.

Captains meeting and the draw.

These two kind of "protocol" , important and crucial events took place today after the official training. Traditionally Mario Matyashich presented serious prizes, and presented gifts from the sponsors of each delegation.

• A complete list of teams of the tournament - 13 countries, 92 participants (LINK)

• Teams fishing zones allocation: Zone A, Zone B, C Zone, Zone D.

• Starts of the first day of competition: Zone A, Zone B, C Zone, Zone D.

Tournament official opening ceremony

The official opening took place in the central park of the city. Attention to the tournament was genuine. The mayor and his colleagues, the local ensemble "Borok", two regional channel (broadcasting not only in Romania, but also in neighboring countries) – Duna TV and DiGI TV, Video Channel AnglersZoom, photographers, residents and visitors - attention to the Trout Union Cup is clearly not deprived!

Warmth of meeting with old friends, when you see not opponents, but friendly rivals. Here sportsmen can discuss the new "battlefield" - the river and fish with their own characters.

Jokes, snapshots, selfie… News and gossips sharing… Baits and secrets exchange… Excitement and ardour of the first day coming – all that is the Trout Union Cup opening ceremony evening. All participants of the Trout Union Cup are impressed by the amount of work done by the organizers led by Lucian Constantin (Romania) and Mario Matiasic (Croatia). And, of course, many thanks to those who supported the tournament: companies Anglers Zone, Anglers Republic, DUO, Megabass, Owner, Pontoon21, St.Croix and ZipBaits. So that again can be said:

"The Trout Union Cup is open!"

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