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PALMS LakeZee spinning rods: description

Special series for salmon and trout fishing from the shore using compact metal jigging lures, spoons and etc.

Sensitive rod tip helps to easy controls the operation of the jig in the case of lake shore fishing and ultra-long cast. Easy retrieve control using rod tip with minimal reeling action: easy to make small, gentle jig movement. This stealth appearance is indispensable to trout.

It is a blank with extreme usability as a lakeshore long casting slow action model.

Powerful hookset and the great backbone of rod blanks for easy landing of any trout.

Palms company again makes design that allows you to immerse yourself in a dialogue with the beautiful lake.

The finish that is simple yet satisfies the desire to possess is brought about by functional beauty that cannot be created by decoration alone. In addition to adopting a cork grip and natural wood reel seat, Lakezee rods also has the beauty of the material that the blank itself has.

Guides —  Genuine Fuji Tangle Free K-GUIDE.


An effective reinforcement system that achieves better performance than before with a method of winding a carbon fiber sheet in an “X-shape”. It achieves weight reduction and increased rigidity of the blank.

Item list

Item Action Length, ft/m Lure WT., g. Pcs Test, lb Price


Slow 9'9"/2,97 7-25 2 3-12 €235.00


Slow 9'9"/2,97 10-30 2 6-16 €259.00

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