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Pontoon21 Fabula Tinta: description.

Pontoon21 Fabula Tinta – a modern evolution of Pontoon21's legendary Prime Category family with its unique features and abilities.

The Prime Category's main trademark – the exterior classic form of strict laconicity and bright inside essence. Fabula Tinta continues this tradition.

The balance of the rod, its powerful flex and the smart ergonomic solutions of its components – exactly what is required to make you feel trust in the rod, not fatigue and stress. The emotion of fishing, not worrying about the rod – that's what Fabula Tinta provides.

Special graphite insert (SGA) under the reel seat increases sensitivity. All Fabula Tinta models clearly transmit lure action, contact with the bottom and, of course, bites, which you won't mistake for touching underwater vegetation. Their tips also provide visual control of what is happening underwater, completing the overall picture, emphasizing the important and eliminating «white noise».

Fast action in its best realization allows you to easily cast baits in the whole weight range, without thinking about the casting technique, and « tightens » both small and trophy fish, without losing control for a second thanks to the fast and accurate reaction of the rod to changes in pressure.

About the models:

  • Unconventional solutions in design and combination of materials change the traditional idea of short Fast models as predominantly twitching models: get ready for amazing abilities of FBS702MF and FBS702MHF to work perfectly not only when animating wobblers, but also with all kinds of jigs!
  • Fans of «classics for all times» will be satisfied with the modern incarnation of versatile length 7’6” with MediumLight power in the model FBS762MLF.
  • A pair of shore spinning rods whose power is ensured not at the cost of sensitivity and response, the FBS862MH+F and FBS862HF successfully fulfill the functions of necessary and sufficient for any type of lures.
  • FBS962MF and FBS962MMF models break the traditional impression of long shore «salmon spinning rods », which are used to fish using steady retrieve: these Fabula Tinta are great for a jig, they are « rigid » and « sharp » which is extremely rare for this type and class of rods.


  • Prime Category Fabula Tinta rods are equipped with slim, smooth and damage-resistant Fuji SIC Slim guides in anti-tangle frames. Their layout is individual for each model, which ensures the best balance and pressure distribution, even when using modern braided lines.
  • The combination of the Fuji TVS/B reel seat body with the Fuji TVSK/ASH nut not only provides an overall secure and comfortable design, but is also one of the most sensitive designs available, and in the Fabula Tinta series, the effect is enhanced by a special SGA graphite arbours that fills the space between the blank and the reel seat.
  • Very dense and lightweight EVA class 80 material allowed to make the handle details precisely and accurately, thus ensuring tactile comfort («warmth»), practicality and elegance.

Item list

Item Action Length, ft/m Lure WT., g. Pcs Test, lb Price


Fast 7'/2,13 5,0-24,0 2 7-17 €125.00


Fast 7'/2,13 6,0-28,0 2 8-18 €135.00


Fast 7'6"/2,28 3,0-14,0 2 5-12 €135.00


Fast 8'6"/2,59 14,0-56,0 2 14-30 ***


Fast 8'6"/2,59 8,0-36,0 2 10-22 €175.00


Fast 9'6"/2,89 5,0-24,0 2 7-17 €165.00


Fast 9'6"/2,89 4,0-18,0 2 6-14 €165.00

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