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High Point Pontoon21

The name itself characterizes these Pontoon21 rods best of all. All the properties and characteristics of every High Point Pontoon21 model is quintessence of all the knowledge extracted from the international experience of Pontoon21 experts and opinions of finesse amateur fishermen. To create these rods, highly skilled specialists from Japanese factories participated in the project from the very beginning. Thus, gradually, step after step they have been creating the rod, perfecting its quality and consumer appeal, they “shaped” it according to the above-mentioned idea. And that’s what we call High Point Pontoon21 rods.


The requirements towards the properties of top-grade blanks are so high that very often not only is it necessary to calculate its configuration, it is also required to select several types of material with different parameters, and their proportion in the blank. This job requires high level of production, starting with equipment and ending with highly skilled personnel and their attitude towards their work. And that was perfectly implemented at several Japanese factories.


STYLO is a series of specialized rods, which are popular with professionals participating in international trout tournaments.

As it was in TAYA series, those who want to experience top-class performance, the task is made easier by the grouping of models into M type (multipurpose), T type (twitching) and J type (jigging), with emphasis on the light class according to their power. Besides, in STYLO series special attention was paid to the most important parameter – holding of fish during retrieval.


STYLO models of T and J types are more universal than in TAYA series, which is connected with their main purpose: trout fishing competitions with lures suggest quick constant moving around your sector. Due to that fact it’s necessary to minimize an amount of tackle, preserving the variety of lures. To put it in another way, the angler won’t need more than one rod.

Three STYLO models (SL 68XUL-T, SL 702UL-T и SL 732L-T) can be traced back to the erstwhile Daiko Featherweight collection, improved by their constructors specifically for Pontoon21 STYLO High Point. All the other models were constructed from scratch with reference to modern materials and, especially, new binding agents.


  • High quality graphite with special composition of binding agents by the Japanese producer; to add special qualities necessary for the realization of the main task of this series, the upper joints are made from prepreg which consists of carbon yarns of a very small diameter though it is rarely used in rod production.
  • KR Fuji guides of Tangle Free system (which stops the line from tangling) in “titanic” frames with SiC insets as all other Japanese rods have.


Fuji guides with Alconite insets which can be found on all “Japanese” rods never appear on Japanese market.

  • spaced ergonomic handle made of high quality corkwood and EVA porous material of the necessary density on the basis of the reel seat, chiseled from aluminum with high degree of precession. Its thread segment is made of durable plastic and it has a stabilized wood inset.


The wood which was processed in a special way is called stabilized. They do not withdraw water from it but instead replace it with polymer aggregate. After that wood doesn’t absorb water, even with it being influenced by it for a long time. Only the root part is used in STYLO rods.

  • designed and produced in Japan

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Item list

Item Action Length, ft/m Lure WT., g. Pcs. Test, lb Price


6'8"/2,03 0,5-5,0 2 ***


6'8"/2,03 0,5-5,0 2 ***


7'/2,13 0,8-7,0 2 ***


7'2"/2,18 0,7-6,0 2 ***


7'3"/2,2 2,0-12,0 2 5-12 €449.00


7'3"/2,2 1,5-10,5 2 ***


7'6"/2,28 1,0-8,0 2 ***


7'6"/2,28 1,5-10,5 2 ***

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