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GAD® PinPoint – Finesse Impact

It’s widely known that that GAD® tackle (Global Anglers Dedicated) were developed by the same engineers as Pontoon21. They very well know where they can economize and where they can do it on no account. Hi-tech Pontoon21 basis, used for high series, enables to realize the planned on a maximum level. Thus, GAD rods engineers manage to create the models, which deserve to be called masterpieces of the reasonable price range.

PinPoint are spinning rods for fishing with such lures class as Extra Ultralight, Ultralight and Light. While designing a special attention was drawn to predictability, reliability and binding/retaining resource. The series includes models with Tubular and Solid tips.

PinPoint Tubular Tip

These are reliable rods of multiple use (from fishing for perch with microjig to fishing for all the predators for all the types of lures within the recommended lure weight). Their being universal and having high retaining resource are very popular, even for rainbow trout in commercial ponds. Streetfishing with its diversity and a big range of the lures used (spoons, spinners, jig baits, crankbaits, etc.) and unexpected bonuses is also GAD PinPoint’s domain!

PinPoint Solid Tip

The solid tip of these models is painted white to increase visual sensitivity, and the design smoothness of its curve and high-quality joint with the main blank also increase the tactile transmission of fluctuations along the whole blank. Moreover, the solid tip is made from carbon fibre. The properties of this material give to the tip the necessary resilience, which ensure comfortable work with lures made from soft plastic (classics of microjigging), as well as, spoons, spinners and small pilkers.

Someone may compare PinPoint with a cost-effective Pontoon21 Grace Sonda – and this is not a mistake. Yes, the material used in PinPoint isn’t so moduled, however this situation has some pluses: PinPoint models are known for their security and elasticity, which gives them some specific working traits. To put it in a different way, this series has its own character and a wide range of possibilities, it’s just that they are realized with the help of other, but no less effective ways. Finesse Impact means that these spinning rods are packed with wide opportunities of ultralight fishihng. Once you activate them, they will blossom in their variety.

Gad PinPoint series has 7 models.

Three models with Solid Tip, the main purpose is microjig fishing:

  • PPS712XUL – the lightest model for delicate and exquisite retrieve.
  • PPS722UL – classical model with microjig test 1-7 g; the length of the rod is suitable for on-boat and on-shore fishing.
  • PPS732L – the longest and the most powerful PinPoint spinning rod with solid tip, this is a rod which is close to mini-jigging, rather than micro-jigging, it enables you to fight with bigger predators.

Four classical models with Tubular Tip are universal:

  • PP702XUL – Extra Ultralight with a good stock of power and energy, it’s suitable for small spoons and trout soft plastic lures.
  • PP712UL – universal Ultralight; enables to work in a comfortable way, and what is more important to perform long casts with different lures and gear of all types with the range of 1-7 g (spoons, small pilkers, microjig baits, drop-shots and ultralight rigs with sinker like Carolida Rig).
  • PP722L, PP752L – light universal spinning rods, the second model is also good for chub fishing in small and average rivers with spoons and spinners.

Item list

Item Action Length, ft/m Lure WT., g. Test, lb Кол-во колен Price


Fast 7'0"/2,13 0,8-5,0 2-5 2 €45.99


Fast 7'1"/2,15 1,0-7,0 3-6 2 €47.99


Fast 7'2"/2,18 1,8-10,0 4-8 2 €49.99


Fast 7'5"/2,26 1,8-10,0 4-8 2 €49.99


Fast 7'1"/2,15 0,8-5,0 2-5 2 €45.99


Fast 7'2"/2,18 1,0-7,0 3-6 2 €47.99


Fast 7'3"/2,20 1,8-10,0 4-8 2 €49.99

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