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The 32mm is a super small metal vibe for baby GTs, small seabass and rockfish. The moving rear fin flutters during falling to appeal to fish. To match the situation, the hook and line eye positions can be changed. The 55mm is a standard metal vibe for ease of use on seabass or black porgy. We recommend adding an ultra-small willow leaf blade to the dorsal fin to increase appeal.


Range Metal 32ES

  • action: vibration,
  • size: 32 mm,
  • weight: 5,6 g,
  • hook: #16,
  • ring: #1

Range Metal 55ES

  • action: vibration,
  • size: 55 mm,
  • weight: 5,6 g,
  • hook: #16,
  • ring: #1


Item list

Item Color Lenght, mm Weight, g. Price
Picture of BSS-RM32-M-08


M-08 32 5.6 €10.93
Picture of BSS-RM32-M-16


M-16 32 5.6 €10.93
Picture of BSS-RM32-M-24


M-24 32 5.6 €10.93
Picture of BSS-RM32-M-55


M-55 32 5.6 €10.93

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