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This jig was specially designed for casting long distances from the shoreline. It comes with a front assist hook and a treble hook in the back—ready to use right out of the package. The weight is shifted to the tail end of this jig at a weight ratio of 4:6. Designed to mimic an anchovy, the slim body prevents your line from tangling around the jig during long casts or on the retrieve. The flat design of the jig creates a high pitch wobbling action that is perfect for drawing the attention of young yellowtail and amberjack. This jig catches fish no matter how you work it: reel it fast, jerk it erratically, or jig it back and let them hit it while it flutters down to the bottom. The Wavingrider Jig is ideal for catching yellowtail, striped bass, fluke, and grouper anywhere you want to use it: piers, surf, and shoreline. There are no limits to the versatility of this bait!



  • weight: 40.0 g,
  • made in Japan,
  • manufactured: Megabass


Item list

Item Color Weight, g. Price
Picture of MB-METX-WG-GB


G BLUE 40 €5.50
Picture of MB-METX-WG-GBG


G BLUPIN GOLD 40 €5.50

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