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Favilla are average whip rods. It’s light and slim enough to fish for coarse fish, at the same time it’s firm, secure and slow enough which enables to retrieve large bream and even sometimes carp.

Another pleasant thing of all Forza, Favilla and Fiamma rods is that they exactly match the declared length. But you need to take into account that while in service the joints adapt to each other and they become longer by several centimeters.

All whip rods come with combined tips, their diameter being 0,65 mm. Such tips perfectly react to fish jerks, not requiring any additional buffer balls.

Prekių sąrašas

Kodas Dalys Ilgis, m Meškerės svoris, g Meškerės testas , g Kaina


4 4 153 15 €85.44


5 5 219 15 €106.87


6 6 313 15 €130.04


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