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Bass in spring time

2017 m. balandžio 14 d. 03:33

We’ve been looking forward to a few warm days of spring, and the nature around us begins to wake up, including the fish. For a few days it's been 15 degrees above zero, I just could not ignore and I was literally forced to go to water and look for one of my favorite fish ... bass. If you know the water in your surroundings in which this beautiful fish lives, it should not be a problem for you to find some small locations where you can find active bass.

First and foremost you should choose small shallow waters. Bays protected from the north wind, and coasts, which stay sunny for a longer period during the day, are ideal position, just as the shallow parts of the water where bass will come out for some sunlight. One of the main signs indicating that you are in a good fishing spot is the gathering of silver carp and carp at the sun where they also absorb the sun energy.

It is this combination of shallow water and the presence of larger number of carp and silver carp that nailed me to the position where I was sure that bass will come. I decided to fish with crankbaits, this is a technique in which I enjoy most of all when I'm chasing bass, slow twitching with long pauses often brings me great results in early spring, especially when the fish are still passive.

My experience in the early spring for bass fishing is that the bass would rather take a smaller lure. Therefore, the first choice for fishing is Pontoon21 Dexter Minnow 71SP SR. I like to start fishing with lures, which I know that will attract the attention of bass from a greater distance, and that is what I need, to attract its attention. And that is exactly what happened, from a deeper part of the water a two beautiful shadows follow the lure, but I could not quite get their desired reaction which was aggressive movements towards my lure.

I used the lure of a smaller size, and it was a winning solution, and already at the first cast with Megabass Great Hunting minnow 52F, just a few meters in front of the shadows, the response was there. The silhouette has quickly moved to the lure, struck and that is what I wanted, but soon I realized that silver carp swallowed my lure. A little disappointed, but that reaasured me that the selection of the lure is correct, and, as well as me, you should only wait for the ''right '' shadow.

It soon happened and again the shadow from a deeper place comes on shallow water, I make a cast in front of it, and as soon as the lure hit the surface, bass just could not resist, without thinking and standing he took my lure and my first bass of this year was caught.

Tips & Tricks:

Megabass Great Hunting Minnow is a new lure and and its catching efficiency justified its name '' great hunter '' and indeed, it is great. One of the most interesting ways how to catch bass with ‘’great hunter’’ in the floating version, is that you just threw it into the bass field of vision and wait for a few seconds for the surface to become calm. Bass will slowly approach the lure, and occasional short twitches with lures on the surface will be enough for a successful hooking of your prey. You just need to be patient.

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