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Feeder rod Briscola Granito Medium GRN424M

2017 m. birželio 12 d. 06:26

Recently feeder fishing has become one of the most rapidly growing directions of angling and amateur fishing. The number of adherents of this type of fishing is also rapidly growing. The preconditions and reasons for that vary, but that is just the point. And, it goes without saying that companies producing fishing tackle couldn’t ignore these tendencies. More importantly, it concerns the extension of model sets of feeder rods. Universality is a good thing, but there comes the moment when for some reasons you’d better use fishing tackle, having special purpose.

Over the last few years the leading producers included in the catalogues rods with Long Cast specialization. What are these rods and what are they used for? As you’ve already understood their main purpose is fishing from the afar. The standard length of such rods ranges from 4 meters to 4,2-4,5 meters. In the majority of cases the test ranges form 110 to 180 grams. Traditionally, western companies focus on their clients, there suchlike tackle is popular while fishing in wide full-flowing rivers. Thus, the rods used are heavy or extra heavy.

Some time ago I had a chance to acquire a rod for my arsenal which has quite typical parameters, but at the same time it has its own unique characteristics. Today, we will talk about feeder rod Briscola Granito Medium GRN424M (up to 84 g).

So what is the spice of this model, representative of the well-known and popular line of feeder rods Briscola Granito? Holding it for the first time, I had strange feelings. Once I already used rods of Long Cast series, but they were all distinctly intended for rivers. Here the length (4,27 m) is combined with the rest up to 84 g, which makes the tackle much more delicate.

Briscola Granito Medium has a distinct slow action, and that means under load the blank evenly bends along its whole length. What are the advantages of rods of this action? At casting these rods work as a catapult, ensuring you a long-range cast. Accurate fishing at a distance of 60-80 meters could be achieved without any difficulties or super-efforts. You can easily adapt to this action, and changing for the rods of a faster action can be difficult. First of all, in this situation it’s possible to use thinner rigs, which sometimes can be very important. The blank does the main work, compensating the jerks of fish, gradually exhausting it. Very often it helps to hold your so desired prize. Retrieving the fish you shouldn’t hurry, you should do everything without haste, and the rod will be doing its job.

The most appropriate weight of feeders for this model ranges from 40 to 70 grams. As my own experience shows, the rod forgives you a little overload. But naturally, you need to take it into account when you cast, using the variant with a big sag of the rig.

To complete this rod I’d recommend you reels ranging from 4000 to 5000 (Shimano classification). The tackle is well-balanced and it’s not overloaded in this set. To my mind, it’s pointless using reels of bigger or smaller sizes.

A couple of words about the performance and arrangement. The rod consists of 3 sections, it comes in a standard comfortable case and possesses all the features of Briscola Granito line: compact recognizable design, compound handle made of cork wood and EVA material, secure reel seat Fuji with upper screw. The set includes three quivers with a universal diameter 2,9 mm and test of 28,56 and 84 g for all Briscola Granito rods.

The main features Briscola Granito Medium:

  • Number of sections: 3+3;
  • test: up to 84 g;
  • lencth: 4,27 m;
  • transportation length: 1,47 m;
  • weight: 260 g.

Let’s talk about the specialization of this model. First of all, it is the necessary long-range cast with average feeders. We face such situations when we go to the wide shallow part of a pond with an edge fish go to feed on, and, generally, you can’t cast to this pale with rods of standard length.

The same thing concerns carp ponds, where in the middle of the day cautious carp prefers to stay in the central part of the pond. In this case Briscola Granito Medium will do perfectly, ensuring good fishing at the necessary distance with feeder of minimal weight, it perfectly copes with retrieving of big fish.

A second case when this rod will have an edge is the presence of a very steep edge in the pond or barriers near the bottom. It concerns both ditch water ponds and rivers. The edges inhabited with zebra mussel and pearl shell are especially unpleasant for anglers. Broken rigs, cables and cords can also be an obstacle. The length of the rod will play the leading role here. At biting and recasting you should hold the feeder upwards, trying to take the feeder from the dangerous zone. I’d recommend you to use feeders made of plastic, especially if they have “wings” in their construction. They surface much faster than metal ones.

And, finally, Briscola Granito Medium will be indispensable for fishing in grassy banks, amid bushes and rush, specifically, as far as rivers are concerned. While fishing in ponds with streams, in such conditions fish very often tears the rig and tries to go away downstream, stretching the rig along the bank.

The length of the rod enables you to manage the tackle and control fish, not being afraid of losing the rig in grass. Naturally, using average rods we would have fish frequently hooking off, leading to the rearrangement of rigs.

As my experience shows, all the above mentioned situations happen quite frequently. That’s why feeder rod Briscola Granito Medium, originally considered quite specialized, has become one of my favorite leger rig. Also especially for delicate fishing there’s one more model in Briscola Granito set with very similar features - Briscola Granito Medium Light with the test up to 56 g (GRN424ML).

Alexander Rozin

Moscanella Web-site

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