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Gad Delta

2018 m. liepos 10 d. 17:00

It is hard for a modern angler to limit himself to one type of bait. Fishing conditions of many waters are as that during the day one has to fish by rotation of minnows, cranks, jig baits and weedless spoons.

But it does not seem possible for most fishermen taking each time a "bunch" of different rods in the boat. As well as difficult to carry with an "arsenal" of several rods along verdurous river bank. Or take a long trip with a dozen "sticks" in the hope of being ready for the whole variety of fishing conditions.

In such situations universal rods show the best. Those that are equally well go together with most types of baits. At the same time they should be comfortable in operation, reliable and inexpensive. Thus was born the idea of creating GAD DELTA - a line of credible, reliable and universal rods.

Every DELTA rod is designed individually as a multipurpose tool. Jerk hard baits and surface lures, classic jigging and soft bait without sinker, cranks and vibes, pilkers and Devons. And, of course, spinners and spoons. GAD  DELTA feels comfortable, with each of these types of baits and rigs (terminal one or drop-shot).

The company of Pontoon21 intended to move away from the use of carbon fiber with an ultra-high elasticity module creating the GAD DELTA rods, from the heap of metal elements on the handle and "design for the sake of design". In the DELTA series, the accent is made on the family features of GAD: reliability, quality of performance, practical construction, ease of use and reasonable price with excellent fishing qualities. Good sensitivity, long-distance casting, fish hold, and the ability to withstand heavy loads when fishing trophy specimens - all that is initially put in each GAD DELTA rod.

GAD Delta Rods Specifications:
  • -Individual design of each 15 models of series,
  • -Maximum reliability and wide versatility of the rods,
  • -In the manufacture of blanks, graphite material of medium modularity is used,
  • -Wide universalism in the bait choice: all the rods with Fast action,
  • -High-quality rod guides with aluminum oxide inserts, the geometry of the ring frames prevents tangling lines,
  • -Convenient, spaced handle from wear-resistant porous EVA material of high hardness,
  • -A classic reel seat made of graphite-filled plastic - today the most reliable design of this element.
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