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GAD Footsie: now at Anglerszone warehouse!

2020 m. birželio 13 d. 01:01

New 2020: GAD Jets soft lures by Pontoon21Footsie small shad-shape swimbait-type lure now in stock!

Two sizes: 3,5" (4,5 g weight) and 4" inches (7 g weights), wide color range now awailable for wholesalers at Anglerszone warehouse, at Triturus tackle shops and Web-shop Triturus-shop.com

GAD Footsie - new GAD Jets soft lures

GAD Jets soft lures

As in case of GAD rods, we invested our abilities and skills we use for Pontoon21 into developing of the new fishing tackle under GAD brand, which abilities are higher than price (very affordable price, by the way!). We know how and where “to cut corners” and to keep the necessary quality.

New series of soft plastic lures under GAD brand – Footsie. Simple&Sophisticated

The density & softness of the material are so that we could make the necessary shape and body’s surface.

Body shape is shad-type. Look on the tail – it’s a little heavier than usual. Thanks to the material’s characteristics and tail-blade area we achieve a very important feature: tail movements twist the body, and the resulting rolling action is very active and attractive. What else? Footsie shows such an action even rigged with rather heavy jig-head! More, the jig-head rolls together with Footsie body! Our new lure has it’s own action… like our best hardlures. This helps to the beginners and provides more opportunities for experienced anglers.

Tail plate GAD Footsie

Surface is not smooth. It consists of small irregular spherical “dots”. This is a new view of our 3D technology (Deep Dots Design) used for our spoons. But now we use drops of water and air bubbles instead of painting: these bubbles are kept in the dots, and thanks to rays refraction Footsie, being in water, looks like covered with small diamonds. Beautiful twinkling – just look on this! But the air bubbles have one more function: they increase the lure’s buoyancy.

The smell components are added into the initial material. It is not “strong”, but – like we do with other our soft lure – is enough to attract various fish.

Available in just 2, but the most popular sizes: 3 ½ and 4 inch, each one in 15 colors (mono and two-colors).

Special slit at lure back for easy offset hgook mounting

The inside channel for simple rigging with offset hooks, the back slit to hide it’s point… and! Look carefully on the side-line: it’s made by depth shapes for smooth rigging with double hook, so popular in some European countries type of rig. In other words, we did the same system of rigging like we make for Pontoon21 soft plastic lures. Be sure – it’s easy to rig our GAD Footsie, even if you are the beginner.

GAD Footsie - try different mountings

Thanks to Pontoon21 Lures Factory.

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Official distributor of Pontoon21 and GAD brands at EU — UAB Anglerszone.

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