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Preference minnow vs. Bass

2016 m. rugpjūčio 17 d. 07:36
Mario Matijašić

Mario Matijašić

2009 bronze, 2011 silver, 2014 bronze medal at World Championship CARNIVOROUS ARTIFICIAL BAIT SHORE ANGLING (i.e. "Spinning for Trout from Shore")

From 2013 - Chief of Commetee, main organisator of Trout Union Cup - International project of making sport spinning fishing tournaments, based at international rules, where only trouts are objects of fishing.
Since very young age, even before school, love in nature, rivers and fish were born. Taking rod in hand a way of life was chosen.

After strenuous and very successful Trout season which has brought me a lots of beautiful moments it was time to put the trout fishing "on side" and to dedicate myself to he former/second fishing preoccupation - Bass.

Knowing that the time of spawn is pretty complicated for fishing I didn’t have very high hopes in successful fishing but, that day, it has shown otherwise. In the morning, as I arrived on my fishing spot, none of the surface activity has only confirmed my doubts in successful fishing day.

I knew that my concentration must be focused on the edge of obstacles in water such as lotus, sinked branches and edges of weed. I decided to start my fishing with soft lures on which I, for this purpose, set up weedless hook.

This helped me to "search" parts of water with lot of lotuses and in a short period of time I caught my first Bass that day. Feeling happy that my decision to fish with weedless soft lure proved correctly, I gave up searching for active Bass, slowed down my presentation of bait and started searching gaps in grass. In about half an hour fishing with that technique I had one missed realization of bite and one pretty Bass on shore.

I have to say that I recently acquire new rod - Gad Gancho - and was very surprised and satisfied of his precision and strength. (I’m shore that we will hear a lot more about this series of rods, especially if we consider his price rang) - ovo u zagradi jer je tekst pisan davno i već se zna za štapove jako dobro vjerujem. pa ti odluči hoćeš staviti ili ne.

After that half an hour of fishing with weedless lures something changed and it seemed that I couldn’t get a positive reaction from the bass on weedless technique anymore, so I decided to switch tactics. My first and only choice that day, as I switched on fishing with hard baits, was Pontoon21 Preference minnow.

Basses reacted very well on it and approached him with lots of curiosity. After few casts, I managed to find the right presentation of bait - very slow presentation of Prefference minnow, on surface with long pauses has shown as win combination and soon I had three beautiful basses on my rod and in front of my camera.

Mario Matiashich, Croatia

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