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Spinning rod Pontoon21 Gran Turismo GTS764MLF

2017 m. balandžio 10 d. 03:29

It’s not often that I go somewhere by plane, nevertheless, once I had an unpleasant situation with airport loaders who found a way to break my tube and my spinning rod in it. It was sad! At the same time everything made of glass with substances of different character arrived at its destination without any damages. That’s why, in all probability, next time I will go on such a trip with GranTurismo rod wrapped in my wife’s dresses… I don’t even mention that fact that you can save several thousand rubles on another place in your luggage. The inner space of the tube enables you to put there a couple of other GranTurismo rods, and this is already space saving, because you always need more space in your family trips.

One more thing. When I go street fishing, my spinning rods travel four times in different means of transport to achieve the destination and three to return. I needn’t tell our readers about rush hours commuter trains and underground of Moscow and its regions. To tell the truth, for several years none of my rods were ever broken, but I remember several attempts to do so. Fishing trips in conditions of a huge passenger traffic minimize the probability of breaking your favorite instrument.

General Features

  • Weight: 121 grams.
  • Weight of the set ()spinning rods+tube): 425 grams.
  • Length of one piece: 61 cm.
  • Length of the handle: 37 cm.
  • Length of the foregrip: 6 cm.
  • Length of the tube: 65,5 cm.
  • Guides: Fuji KR-concept with insets from silicone carbide (SiC), hook keeper available.


Action and other characteristics

The spinning rod has a put-over connection type, but during fishing it doesn’t influence the action of the blank at all. To tell the truth, I was astonished at the fluidity of the curve under load. Оn a photo from above you can see the spinning rod with a pike from the main picture.

All the joints between the pieces are of high quality. More than that, before my first fishing, I was determined to count haw many times I would have to fix the pieces while fishing. The situation is as follows: not even once. I’m just astonished. These subtleties prove the high quality of the production.

The blank is almost cylindrical, and slow throughout its whole length, probably, its tip is a bit faster, but just fractionally. In general, the rod is very “strict”. It is important, that in spite of its slow action, it perfectly hooks even small fish, like average perch and sweet pike. It is on equal terms even with bigger fish.


The slow action of the blank determines the casting – it’d better be sharp and abrupt. It casts lures of 6 grams, but it starts catapulting lures of more than 8 grams. I remember that when I was a student there was a video game – Need For Speed, racing simulator. I suppose that the majority of readers know this game. The cars there had one interesting thing – Nitrous Oxide System. I won’t go into much detail at this point. The most important thing is that if you pushed one of the keys, the car immediately started to gain speed. When you cast lures of more than 8 grams the situation is quite the same, with one exception that we don’t inject Nitrous Oxide, but slightly increase the weight of the lure. In the center of Moscow I have my usual place - a bridge pillar, from where I compare casts of different spinning rods. My observations have proven that if you put the right load, the spinning rod casts the lure farther than other instruments of mine.

Minnows, shads and other lures

To my mind, one of the main purposes of this instrument is jerking technique with lures of different types: minnow, shad, etc. Moreover, the action of this model is, the so-called, classics of all jerking spinning rods, which appeals to the majority of anglers, preferring this type of the rod (you can read about non-traditional variants in our review of Pontoon21 Denotada). The comfortable working level ranges from the lures of 60 mm to the ones of 95 mm depending on the “persistence” of the lure and fishing conditions. On the whole, you may use twitching technique with all the minnow up to the heaviest one. You can easily retrieve such lures as Pontoon21 GreedyGuts 66 SR,Megabass X-80 Jr., Pontoon21 Dexter Minnow 71 SP/S, GAD Gosh 60 and 70 SR, ZipBaits Orbit 80 SR, ZipBaits Rigge 90 SR, Mеgabass Vision 95 Q-Go, Pontoon21 Kalikana Dun 85F/95F. I managed to present even such a powerful thing as Pontoon21 Kalikana 91F.

This rod is a bit slow for cranks, but it’s prefect for the lures of average size.

Terminal rig

Its second purpose is fishing with terminal rig. The spinning rod enables you to apply even aggressive retrievals if you use a terminal rig, equipped with the sinker weighing half ounce. It’s useless talking about casting sensitiveness of this rig – everything is perfect.


Gran Turismo is a kind of rod, specifically designed for jigging in the second half of the test. The retrieval can be easily controlled with the help of your own hand or the rod tip, everything starts with 6 grams plus the weight of the lure.

The lure with 8 grams sinker starts bringing satisfaction. You may load up to more than 14 grams – at your own risk. I took the risk and I liked it, I also liked its behavior during the masterly presentation in the highest test – the dives are very accented and accurate. The lure reacts to every movement of yours, just as you made it out to be. And it could be vice versa, when the spinning rod doesn’t obey you.


When you use small spinners, the rod is a bit slow, but starting with classical #2 spoons of classical forms such as Pontoon21 Synchrony #2 the rod becomes quite sensitive. You can feel the rotation of the petal not only through the tip of the rod but also through your hand. I particularly enjoyed casting tungsten Pontoon21 ТВ Synchrony №3 – it flies well! Taking into account the biggest sizes, you’d better use only Pontoon21 Ball Concept or Synchrony # 4.

To enjoy the instrument completely you need just one thing – marks on the blank at the places of connection, which would make it easier to assembly this four-piece construction, as in Seven&Half series. It’s a trifle, but still you need it.

Alexander Ryzhov “Sanek”

To watch video about spinning Pontoon21 Gran Turismo. English subtitles available

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