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Trout Union Cup 2017 Czech Republic – Training Day

2017 m. balandžio 28 d. 15:33

The "official training" day of the TUC 2017 in the Czech town of Valasske Mezirici started with an unpleasant surprise. A huge amount of rain fell over the past few days in the region. And the water level in the river Becva has risen since yesterday by another two meters.

According to Stanislav Pernitsky, something like this happened in 1997, during the tragic floods in Moravia and East Bohemia. Then a couple of days more than half of the annual rainfall rate fell. And the water level in the river Bechva was a couple of meters higher.

Jaroslaw Samela, the captain of the Slovak team and organizer of the Slovak stage of 2015, also said that all the rivers that they saw on the way to the tournament turned into small mudflows. And the possibility for holding fishing contest somewhere else on the other river simply do not exist: within a radius of 200 kilometers, an absolutely similar situation is everywhere.

And even if the rain stops today, neither the water level nor its transparency in the Bechva River will change to an acceptable level in the coming days. Too big area has been exposed to natural cataclysms ...

Stanislav Pernicki had a spare plan for the event in a cataclysm case - he reserved a minimally weather-dependent small "club" reservoir. Of course, no one expected and certainly did not want such a cataclysm to happen, but it always needs to be ready. We can not deny the fact that everyone now will be in equal conditions as well as the main thing that we expect from the competition: a serious struggle and intrigue. And the absolute majority of athletes consider changing the venue of the competition as an opportunity to acquire new experience.

At the captains' meeting the athletes took the proposal of the organizing committee to postpone the competition place with understanding. The trout fishermen of 13 countries expressed their readiness to compete in any conditions.

Competitions will be held at a small reservoir near the village of Milotice Nad Bečvou. The pond has comfortable beaches, it is periodically stocked with trout. Plus, of course, the fish that was planned to be released in Bečva will be released at the new venue of the tournament. “Fisherman of the year of 2015 Trout Union Cup” Slovak Pavel Hornak spoke very positively about this venue. Ahead the organizers still got a lot of work: a new sectors marking , the launch of fish and other "organizational issues." However, as the head of the organizing committee Mario Matyasic said after seeing the new place, "our mood now is much better than it was in the morning" ...

By the way, the organizers of the Trout Union Cup several times heard the idea about the Trout Union Cup Area. Here, as they say, the case introduced itself ...

So, dear fans of sports shore spinning, everything just begins ... Tomorrow morning much will be cleared up. Who will be able to actually change from a "clean slate" to fishing in the “Area" format? Yes, many fishermen do not have the experience of the Area competitions, but this is an opportunity to show the class ... After all, as we see from the Trout Union Cup competitions, the ability to navigate instantly in a variety of situations and make the right decisions have always been a calling card, an indicator of the trout fisherman class. So the fight is expected to be intense and interesting!

P.S. Among the organizers, this tournament has already received an "internal", "playful" title - Trout Union Cup 2017 Czech Republic: Area Edition ...