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Vacation, sea and sun … Bass? Or how to combine family vacation with fishing in Cyprus

2017 m. balandžio 21 d. 01:14

Very often, especially during vacations, I hear colleagues, also anglers, who have to fulfill their matrimonial duties in warm countries, complaining that they have to spend a lot of time without their favorite hobby. Indeed, not everyone can endure a two-week “incarceration” on the beach, even if it is “all inclusive”. Meanwhile, a journey abroad may become a new and exotic experience. If you go to Cyprus, it is bass fishing that can become a positive experience. Bass fishing is a science or even a religion, you may object, … and it’s the gospel truth.

The majority of ponds of Cyprus are situated in the mountain system Trodos. The army of admirers of many millions love this type of fishing, there’re a lot of volumes of research and an enormous segment in the fishing business. But we don’t have to set any records and win BASSMASTER Classic, and our plans are to go fishing for a couple of hours, while family are sunbathing on one of the beaches of Limassol. That’s why this article is written for those who have a limited time and space in your baggage, which can be used for transporting fishing tackle.

Well, first of all, if you are going to catch bass of Cyprus, you need to think about comfortable and secure outfit. In Cyprus this fish inhabit deep ponds, the most famous of which are Kuris, Asprokremmos, Evreta, Hermasoya and others. All of them are situated amid mountain, that’s why your way to the water lies in the mountain pass. So you’ll need high hiking shoes with snaps, protecting your ankles. Trouser made from hard fabric will do perfectly, as well as a shirt with long sleeves, you’ll also need special clothing to protect your neck and the lower part of your face from the sun, as well as cap made from light fabric with the back cover.

You should take your fishing outfit very seriously.

You will need medium spinning rod and 3000-4000 reel (according to Shamano classification). Megabass Destroyer Blizzard Manipulator BMS702MHF with the test of 10,5-32 g or Pontoon21 Seven&Eleven SES7116XF with the test of 9-28,5 g will be excellent choice. The first variant is a perfect powerful instrument for active twitching, the second one is a universal variant, letting you work more effectively with silicone lures. Bass is a strong and big fish, which shows significant resistance when you retrieve it, that’s why your tackle should ensure you full control over fish.

The rods used should be powerful keeping in line with fish

For the line not break because of stones or bushes which are the places typical for bass, you need to use strong braided line. Multicolored 4-braided line Pontoon21 Extreama with the test of 28 pounds saved a lot of my lures. The leader which is made of fluorocarbon (it’s preferable to use the test no more than 10 pounds) is connected with the main line with a compact knot, for example, Albright.

Now we can choose the minimal set of lures for all the fishing conditions. We also keep in mind that fact that the box shouldn’t take much space, that’s why there should be only the most necessary things. All the necessary lures can be divided into three types – spinnerbaits, hardbaits (voblers) and silicone lures.


The spinnerbait is one of the classical bass lures, effecting all the sensory organs. One of the main characteristics is that they can get through the bushes and grassy places quite well. The best variant is a straight retrieve near the bottom or in the middle levels of water, not far from snags and bushes. To make it even more effective the hook of the spinnerbait should be equipped with a trailer. You shouldn’t buy the products of Chinese nonames, fish won’t appreciate it. You’d better take several products of high quality. Spinnerbaits C`ultiva HayateSpin и Megabass V-3 proved themselves to be good for the ponds of Cyprus.


I would divide all plastic lures into three types which will be quite enough. Shallow runners. We are not going to reinvent the wheel. Let’s take walker Megabass Giant Dog-X and OSP Yamato Jr. This is a universal shallow lure which can be used as a walker, moreover, if you apply jerks, Yamato may also work as a popper. To fish from the surface, you should fasten the lure to the lower eyelet.

Bass fishing with walkers and poppers can be very entertaining and fascinating

Shallow runners are the most effective in the morning and in the evening when the water is not rough. To fish under the surface, you need several cranks. You’d better have a couple of models of this type of different depth.

Pontoon21 TabaTao cranks is one of the most favorite lures of bass of Cyprus Pontoon21 TabaTao is an absolute leader among cranks. This lure may work in different conditions and attracts bass of different weight.

Even when fish are relatively passive these “delicious” lures make them attack.

To complete this set of lures you may also add steady Megabass Z-Crank X and Megabass Knuckle 60, as well as a couple of cranks from OSP – OSP Blitz SR to OSP Buzzn` Crank. Cranks may work for the whole day, you should use the straight retrieve, varying the speed, letting small pauses.

MEGABASS Z-Crank X will always come in handy. Bass fishing with minnows can be very effective. Moreover, bass prefer lures of bigger sizes. And we also take Pontoon21 Cablista SP (105 mm). the minnow has become classics in bass fishing in the ponds of Cyprus.

Pontoon21 Cablista SP is an absolute leader. DUO Realis Jerkbait 120F appeals to the bass of Cyprus irrespective of its size. DUO minnow. Pontoon21 Saunda 95 F brings great hauls.

Pontoon21 Saunda 95 F brings great fishes. You may alternate active but weak twitching with pauses of 1 second with the straight retrieve, but there’re no boundaries to your imagination here. The natural colors of these lures will be universal.

Small roach is one of the most favorite prey of bass Let’s finish forming our arsenal with silicone lures.

Silicone lures

In this segment the range of lures can be very wide, but we remember about space limits. It’s obligatory to take worms. Gary Yamamoto Senko, OSP DOLIVE CRAWLER will do perfectly. You may also use them as Wacky and as Texas rig. It will be also useful to use different versions of passive lures like Gary Yamamoto Hula Grub и Gary Yamamoto Kreature.

Small crustaceans, octopi and worms will definitely appeal to bass.

Tsunekichi Stick Shad is one of the main solutions when there are not bites Small crustaceans are special delicacies for bass in many ponds, that’s why we won’t ignore such wonderful imitations as Gary Yamamoto Fat Baby Craw, Gary Yamamoto Flappin' Hog and OSP Dolive Craw.

We also take quite seriously the right choice of hooks for silicone, weights, bullets and accessories for rigs. These subtleties are very important, and the right hook often determines the whole fishing. The dots for the Texas rig should from 3 g to 8 g.

Hooks and accessories should be secure and of high quality.

You’d better take secure and sharp hooks of several sizes and wires of different thickness. Our set is ready. It should fit into two small boxes. Spinnerbaits and silicone lures will do perfectly in the box without partitions Meiho Versus VS Multi Type, and for minnows I recommend a very comfortable box Pontoon21 Lure`s Chillout Box.

The right hook will help you realize as many bites as possible.

Well, we are in Cyprus, our family is lying on the beach, and we have several days for fishing. Arriving at the pond, it’s important to keep to a certain plan of fishing. Let’s determine the most promising places. First of all, I mean deep spits and various coves shattering the land. The longer they are, the more probable it is that there are fish.

You should pay attention to mouths of small rivers and drowned bushes. These are really hot spots. The slopes with deep places could be also quite promising. The fish goes to these places to feed. In this case the dams could be good examples. The presence of breakers would be ideal. If there’re hatchlings for bass to feed on, this place will be like a “manger” for fish. The hours of sunrise and sunrise bring great results. How to catch? As it is in the case of usual predators, we need a fast and extensive search of fish. Hatchling and bass noticed from above are a good sign. Let’s start with searching lures, namely spinnerbaits and plastic lures. We fish the most promising places with casts at an angle to the coastline, doing as close as possible to shelters of fish.

You shouldn’t concentrate on just one type of lures, until you determined the preferences of fish. Having made several casts, for example, with spinnerbaits, then we use minnows or cranks. If it doesn’t work, change your position. Our main purpose is to find the active fish and the right lure which would appeal to it, as quickly as possible. If you found the place where there’re bass, and either it is congested, or the fish are not active at this time, you should try passive fishing with silicone lures. It could be any variant – Texas, Whacky, Drop shot. Very often we can see bass gathering in the cove, swimming along the bank and amidst the bushes, but the don’t react to our lures. By choosing the right lure and the right way to present it, we can make the fish attack. Making a pause of a few seconds (extremely fast hooking as in the case of pikeperch won’t do here), we hook fish and retrieve it to the bank without any difficulties, not letting it hide in the bushes or snags.

This fish will be a wonderful prize at the end of the fishing day This long desired bass and the aim, which seemed so distant, has now been achieved. It means that we’ve done everything correctly. Following a certain plan, you will be rewarded with bites of this wonderful strong fish. And in the evening, sitting in one of the taverns of Ziga, you’ll be celebrating your success.

Alexander Rozin

Moscanella Web-site

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