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Pontoon21® Grace Sonda – MicroGame Outfit

Fans of exquisite action of Light or Ultra Light – it is special for you. Two traditional variants of tips – Tubular and Solid made from carbon fiber.

It’s important to say that models with tubular tips are different from the traditional, so-called “Mebaru style” by greater balance of all the components. And exactly this property enables to perform a long and accurate cast, which is very important for this type of fishing. Also it streamlines the retrieve and minimizes the odds to break the tip. The conclusion goes as follows: all these models can be used for perch fishing or trout and chub fishing with the same success. At the same time you can enjoy traditional fishing for small inshore fish! And you shouldn’t worry about the size, using the whole variety of lures – Grace Sonda will cope with anything – both lures and fish.

Models with solid tips are a good choice for fans of any type of micro-jigging. While designing and developing these models, engineers paid special attention to the flexibility of the curve, reliability and durability of the joint connecting the tip and the main part of the blank. There’s no hopeless unpredictable trembling, which anglers with such types of tips often have to put up with. Instead of that you can enjoy visual tidiness when it reacts to the most subtle biting, as well as, bright orange taping/winding of the upper rings, which helps to follow lure’s action.

All the models have Sensory Graphite Arbor – a special construction where a reel seat is set upon the carbon arbor. This design minimizes the loss of fluctuations, which occur when the lure is moving in water.

Pontoon21® Grace Sonda Microgame outfit features:

  • Combination of different types of high module materials of Toray company (Japan).
  • Specialized models with tubular or solid carbon fiber tips.
  • Fuji® Alсonite KR Tangle Free rings.
  • Fuji® TVS + TVSK reel seat for spinning rods, Fuji® PMTS+TVSK for casting models with Sensory Graphite Arbor – SGA.
  • Handle made from high density EVA material.

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Grace Sonda 702XUL. Which Type you prefer: Solid Tip or Tubular Tip?

Usually I don’t make any reviews immediately after the first fishing . You need to get used to any kind of spinning rod, feel its working properties in different situations, collect statistics. But here the situation is unusual

Prekių sąrašas

Kodas Akcija Galia, lb Ilgis, ft/m Solid Tip / Tubular Tip Užmetimo svoris, g. Кол-во колен Kaina


Fast 2-5 7'0"/2,13 Solid Tip 0,7-5,0 2 ***


Fast 2-5 7'0"/2,13 Tubular Tip 0,7-5,0 ***


Fast 3-6 7'1"/2,16 Solid Tip 1,0-7,0 2 ***


Fast 3-6 7'1"/2,16 Tubular Tip 1,0-7,0 2 ***


Fast 4-8 7'2"/2,18 Solid Tip 1,7-10,5 2 ***


Fast 4-8 7'2"/2,18 Tubular Tip 1,7-10,5 2 ***


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