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A lot of people know about Pontoon21 Seven&Half rods. Once it appeared, it immediately drew attention with its original idea: all the models were of the same length 7’6”(that’s where their name comes from), but they had different parameters and purposes. Indeed, 7’6” rods are suitable for both boat fishing and onshore fishing, which explains their popularity.

But as it often occurs, in the course of time universal ides acquires details and other peculiarities. And it turned out, apart from those anglers who are in favor of 7’6” rods, there are also a lot of anglers who are not against such rods, but anyway “would like them to be a bit longer”…

Pontoon21 is used to such unusual offers, and its experts are quick on the uptake, though it might be confusing at first sight, because they are anglers themselves. After having analyzed oll the requests, they decided that 7’6” model would be longer. Thus, there appeared a new model with the same basic idea – length – 7’11” (Seven&Eleven), i.e. 241 cm.

It was pointless to repeat the same model line, though some gradation principles remained unchanged. For instance, according to their power Seven&Eleven rods range from 2 to 9 classes. There are tow models in every class. The first one has Fast action, which is popular to take into account today. We’d like to tell such experts that Seven&Eleven Fast rods keep in line with the best Fast rods, which can be usually found on the Japanese market. These models are characterized by their universality, they enable to use a wide range of lures and methods.

A second model of each power class was created for the ardent fans of Magnum Taper construction. These rods combine a most powerful butt with an ultrasensitive tip. It should be noted that Seven&Eleven Magnum rods are quite efficient: there’s no disbalance between different parts of the rod, and the whole rod works as one unit – securely and precisely – at any stage of fishing.

These models are widely known to work better if you use jigging. But the fans studied Magnum Taper inside and out. Because they are fans. They found many other methods of fishing which comply with these rods and reveal their new sides.

Currently there’re 3 classes (4-6) of rods according to their power. But the model line is planned to be widened during 2015.

Rig: K and KR-concept Fuji guides with SiC insets, Fuji VSSM reel seat with B/ASH screw.


  • KR – Concept SiC Fuji guides in a stainless steel frame,
  • Spaced handle,
  • Handle material: high quality corkwood + EVA,
  • Fuji VSS reel seat.

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Kodas Akcija Dalys Galia, lb Ilgis, ft/m Meškerės testas , g Užmetimo svoris, g. Kaina


Fast 2 5-12 7'11"/2,41 5 5,0-18,0 €259.00


ExFast 2 5-12 7'11"/2,41 5 5,0-18,0 €265.00


Fast 2 6-15 7'11"/2,41 8 8,0-24,0 €269.00


ExFast 2 6-15 7'11"/2,41 8 8,0-24,0 €272.00


Fast 2 7-17 7'11"/2,41 9 9,0-28,5 €279.00


ExFast 2 7-17 7'11"/2,41 9 9,0-28,5 €283.00


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