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Feeder rod Briscola Marmo MRM424MH – master of rivers

18 kwietnia 2017 04:56


For me feeder fishing in rivers was always exciting or even intriguing. At the same time river fishing is very difficult from the technical and tactical point of view. First of all, high requirements apply to ledger rigs. Due to that, I have a special attitude towards feeder rods for rivers. And it’s difficult for me to choose each of them. I look through a great number of rods and their tests, study experts’ recommendations, and test the rod. And only after that I decide to buy this or that product. The result is a secure instrument in my arsenal, which serves me loyally and faithfully in sometimes extreme fishing conditions on rivers.

It’s quite natural that when this summer such a long anticipated line of Briscola Marmo rods appeared on the market, I couldn’t ignore it. Marmo rods became a logical continuation of the successful and well-loved Granito series.

All Briscola Marmo series has similar features of the already recognizable design, but at the same time they are made of high-modulus graphite and they have improved technical characteristics. One of the best things is that now there are rods suitable for river fishing.

I’d like to dedicate to one of these feeders - Briscola Marmo MRM424MH with the test up to 112 .

The main features :

  • Number of sections – 3+4;
  • length – 4,27 m;
  • test – up to 112 g;
  • transportation length – 146,5 cm;
  • weight 267 g.

The set of the rod includes four tips with a standard bore diameter of 2,9 mm: glass fiber – 56 g, carbon – 70, 84 and 112 g. The rod is equipped with the latest system of guides preventing tangling. The inner diameter of the first guide is 20 mm.

The handle of the rod is made of cork wood and EVA material, the reel seat has Fuji upper screw.

The specialization of this model is Super Caster, which denotes the purpose of this rod. Well-arranged blank and correct arrangement of guide are working for the sake of the common purpose – casting of heavy and average feeders at a long distance. Meanwhile, having some experience with these feeders, I can make a conclusion that it stands out of the rods of the same class.

Once at one of the training sessions on the Danube an experienced Austrian angler took my rod. After touching it, the first word he said was “light”. Indeed, this the first thing that pops into your head when you hold it in your hands. Light, delicate and exquisite. At the same time, you immediately feel its power – I would characterize its action as extremely fast. Not to spoil the balance, I wouldn’t recommend you to use reels of more than 4000 (Shimano classification).

The majority of rods in my arsenal are of medium of slow action, that’s why I had to adapt to Marmo parameters. Deceptive delicacy caused some fears about permissive style of casting and weight of the feeders used.

But reality surpassed all my expectations. Briscola Marmo MRM424MH casts very well. During my fishing with this feeder rod I used feeders of weight ranging from 60 to 100 g. The heaviest of them were either “bullet” feeders or “nozzle” feeders with the capacity of 20-25 grams. The rod enables you to fish quite comfortably from the distance 65-75 meters. To achieve it, I had to overcome my psychological barrier and totally try the power of the blank during the cast. It is this condition that ensures a long-range cast, which guarantees a short phrase Super Caster in the catalogue.

Briscola Marmo MRM424MH is cut out for rivers, and this is its main purpose, though naturally you can achieve some success by using it in ditch water ponds. The natural environment of this rod is long-range casts with water resistance. And it is in these conditions that feeder rod demonstrates its potential when you angle for average and large fish in a stream.

I had a lucky chance to catch several large species with its help. Also, I could point out the blank of the rod which speeds up the feeder and then casts it like a catapult, and at the retrieve it softens the jerks of even most powerful fish, not letting you down for a second. By the way, with its help I managed to catch such a fast fish as gray mullet using the leader with the diameter of 0,10 mm without feeder gums.

Comparing Briscola Marmo MRM424MH with the rods of the same specialization, I can conclude that the designers managed to create the feeder rod of high quality, which can meet the demands of the most scrupulous angler with technical parameters and working characteristics.

Also, I’d like to pay your attention to a similar rod from the company’s catalogue - Briscola Marmo MRM364MH, which is 3,66 m long having the same test.

Alexander Rozin

Moscanella Web-site

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