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Best shallow running pike jerkbaits. Part 1. Pontoon21 Marionette Minnow

24 января 2017 г. 4:15

Pontoon21 Marionette Minnow is a manageable, lively and natural “puppet”. But it isn’t from the world of theatre, it id from the world of fishing lures – pike shallow running jerkbaits.

Due to special technologies and ideas used in its construction, Pontoon 21 marionette creates an illusion of a living thing moving in water. And this illusion can make even a hardened predator attack. Wobbling and rolling action become extremely attractive for predators, so to say it’s natural swimming. Moreover, due to its steady swimming action, MARIONETTE MINNOW will be always attractive for pike.

Even if the fisherman doesn’t pay special attention to such variants of presentation as twitching and jerking, and just makes do with a simple straight retrieval, which could be quite efficient while fishing for pike. But Marionette Minnow wouldn’t be a real “puppet”, if it didn’t react to the commands of its puppeteer – fisherman. Pauses, jerks and pullings – all this intensifies “magic”, created by a manageable and elegant Marionette.

New movie about real pike-killing shallow water jerkbait - Pontoon21 Marionette Minnow. English and Russian subtitles available. Anglers Zoom Fishing video Channel.

Anglerszone company - official distributor of Pontoon21 brand in Europe.

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Wholesalers can order it after registration at Anglerszone site, fishermen can ask our partners where to buy Pontoon21 Tackle.

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