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DUO Realis Onimasu - Action Video

29 февраля 2016 г. 16:00

DUO Realis Onimasu - Action Video: Taking Realism To a New Level . Huge extremeley real Swimbait lure proved effectiveness in 2016 season for monster Pike in Europe! Look the realistic movement!

"Taking realism to a new level" does not go only for the exterior of Realis Onimasu, our new swimbait release, but also for it`s action.

It`s a different shaped swimbait. Its swim action although S-curve swim-action is different. It static pitch is different. Its internal structure is different. All these arrangements and more were purposeful.

In this video we demonstrate the lure's various gait (long, short, linear and wide gait). We also demonstrate “tumbling” the lure to increase depth and flash. With seated time, the Onimasu will work in traits similar to crankbait and jerkbait movements all in one. It was designed not to "crump" during faster travel no matter the swing.

True s-curve/s-stroke bait were designed to fish slow; now you have more diversity in the rate of travel. This for example aids tournament anglers using the lure to cover water creating a reaction bait.

Another plus is that most the lure action can be accomplished with the real handle (example sharp quarter turns of the reel handle give off a tight tackin` eliminating heavy "twitchin" from the rod). You will note the "head down" posture which will be new to most anglers. You will eventually learn/experience the benefits of this position.

In the future we will touch on how to fully expand the use of the Realis Onimasu, the pioneer of the Prometheus Project.

DUO International

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We have a good selection of colours of  DUO Realis Onimasu - one of the masterpiece from Masahiro Adachi.

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