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Salmon Streetfishing in Lithuania. Gediminas Shauchuvienas, Alexey Soglaev, Part 2

17 ноября 2016 г. 5:31

Street fishing is a wide spread expression among adherents of fishing with a spinning rod. There’re so many species to fish out of the city rivers of different countries. This fishing style is popular in Europe, as well as in our country and Japan. So there are a lot of fish both in fresh water rivers and tidal rivers, which run through many European cities.

But there are just several capitals where only special fish can be treated as the most desired trophy. Such fish which can make its fans drop everything and fly or go to the other end of the world and.

They are ready to pay extremely high prices for helicopter transportation or to jog down the bumpy roads fro days only to achieve the river so desired. They can live in tents for weeks waiting for fish.

The name of this famous fish is salmon.

Salmon from the city quay? Someone would say it’s impossible and will make a mistake.

Our film is about incredible salmon street fishing in Vilnius, Lithuanian capital.


Experts: Alexey Soglaev, Gediminas Shauchuvienas, Director of Angler’s Zone

Fishing movie from  Anglers Zoom Fishing video Channel.

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