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TUC 2018 DAY 2 Report

23 сентября 2018 г. 14:08
Mario Matijašić

Mario Matijašić

2009 bronze, 2011 silver, 2014 bronze medal at World Championship CARNIVOROUS ARTIFICIAL BAIT SHORE ANGLING (i.e. "Spinning for Trout from Shore")

From 2013 - Chief of Commetee, main organisator of Trout Union Cup - International project of making sport spinning fishing tournaments, based at international rules, where only trouts are objects of fishing.
Since very young age, even before school, love in nature, rivers and fish were born. Taking rod in hand a way of life was chosen.
Trout Union Cup Day 2 Report from Mario Matijašić, Organization Committee chairman and Croatia team competitor. And 3rd place TUC 2018 team winner!

New sector groups where made and restocking was completed so venue wait for the competitors on final day of Trout Union Cup. Conditions on stage this time was same both days so competitors should confirm their sklills and knowledge from 1st day and make better their results in tight battle for one of prestige rewards.

Sector A again was ''kicked'' by Georgi Getov with very good 13 points. He is followed by Dan Kop from Czech Republic team (winner on 1st day in sector C) who was excellent on this tournament and man who shows huge improvement in skills. Sector A , from total statistics was sector with smallest number of catches – 309 fishes. Sector B again was the best again with incredible 1144 catches at both days. Winner of sector is Mario Matijašić with only 10 points which made him as individual winner of 2nd day. He is followed by Paul Malutan (17,5 points) and Michal Behounek with same number of points but with less catches (65-62). Sector C as maybe hardest and most challenging give 498 fishes on both days. Steady water and tricky fish didnt bother Oleksandr Remeshivskyi who won it with 16 points. Raul Groza is just behind him with 17,5 points and Petar Lakov was third with 19,5 points. Sector D is Todor Kostadinov part of the river. Hi won with just 13,5 points in sector who give 642 fishes in total.

Those results confirms us domination of Bulgaria 1 team who with placements 1-4-3-1 and in total confirm team on 1st place on General ranking. Excellent performance of Bulgaria team on 1st didnt put any doubts that on 2nd day they will not be even more better. Second place was reservated for Czech Republic team from which competitor Dan Kop with excellent performance (1-2) give huge contribution. Young team shows us new generation of excellent fishermans. Third place, finally, was waiting for Croatia team who made good team results on 2nd and improve their placements from first day and won 1st medal on Trout Union.

Individually, there was no questions for Georgi Getov, our organizer and excellent fisherman who was born on this river. Excellent win on both days at sector A confirms his knowledge and skills and he took title of a Trout Union Cup 2018. Individual Winner. He is followed by his teammate Todor Kostadinov who took 2nd place with 2-1 placements. Dan Kop was third with placements 1-2 but with 3 points more than Todor.

River Vacha give us two excellent days with many catches and with steady factors who affect on fishing. Total number of catches is 2.593 in fact 47cathes per competitor.

Closing and award giving ceremony was at official accomodation Hotel Spa Devin where we all had privilage to welcome Mr. Zdravko Ivanov as president of Hunting and Fishing Assosciation ''Devin'' who take a part in ceremony and welcome all. Outstanding rewards who Trout Union ensure on every cup with excellent sponsors Flagman and Angler's Zone where given to best of the best on this 7th tournament. Team's were enjoying at closing banquet and share together's experience about excellent Vacha river and about incredible 2 days at Devin – Mihalkovo place.

Huge THANK YOU is going to our field organizers guided by Georgi Getov for all work which was done without any mistake, to our sponsors of course who made this event possible and one of the best tournaments int his discipline. Also, thank you teams for coming and being a part of us and made us every time better.

Trout season of year 2018. Is almost at the end where many of us will completed it with this 7th Trout Union Cup so we all hope that you all fullfill expectations, that you enjoy and that you will join us again – at season 2019.

See you at next Trout Union Cup!

Best regards,

Mario Matijašić

Trout Union Cup Organization Committee